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Museum of the American Revolution

Location: Philadelphia
Opened: 2017

The American Revolution and the ideals that inspired it will come to life through the Museum’s distinguished collection of priceless historical artifacts showcased through innovative, contemporary storytelling technologies and immersive exhibits.


Opening in April 2017, the Museum of the American Revolution tells the story of the struggle for American independence. 

The museum, located in historic Philadelphia, features interactive exhibits and artifacts that interpret the Revolutionary War in a modern, engaging setting. 

Exhibits of note include the Washington's Headquarters Tent, the original tent that General George Washington used as his sleeping quarters and office when the Continental Army first arrived at the Valley Forge encampment. The tent is on display in a 100-seat theater dedicated to telling the story of Washington's leadership.

Other artifacts of note from the Philadelphia campaign include Peter Muhlenberg's pistols and the 13-star flag flown at Washington's Headquarters.

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