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Parks & Gardens

With its vast open spaces and scenic parks, Montgomery County is the ideal destination for nature lovers. You can enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities year-round in the area’s county, state, and national parks, including hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. Here are some of the best Montco and Valley Forge parks waiting for you and your loved ones to discover. 

Enjoy All Your Favorite Outdoor Activities 

Montco’s parks provide plenty of opportunities to participate in many different outdoor activities throughout the year.

Situated in a lush landscape near the flowing waters of Skippack Creek, Evansburg State Park is a scenic park that’s a favorite of picnickers, hikers, and horseback riders. The park is home to 15 miles of trails for you to explore on foot or by horseback. Visit nearby Red Buffalo Ranch to sign up for a guided trail ride through the park. During the winter months, grab your skis and enjoy cross-county skiing on Evansburg’s extensive trails.

Green Lane Park is one of the most popular and active parks in Montco, especially during the summer. Here you can go boating on the Reservoir or Deep Creek Lake, hike or go horseback riding on the park’s 25 miles of trails, set off on a fishing expedition, or take the family on a camping trip. Green Lane Park hosts summer concerts, movies, and plays in their open-air pavilion. And when the snow falls, put on your winter gear and head to the park for a day of ice skating, cross-country skiing, or ice fishing at Deep Creek Lake.

Seek Adventure Along the Schuylkill River

There are many adventures to be had along the banks of the Schuylkill River, which runs through Montco.

One of the prime locations is Upper Schuylkill Valley Park, where you can take in stunning views of the river and observe foxes, eagles, and deer at the wildlife center. The park also houses a permanent indoor exhibit featuring turtles, frogs, fish, snakes, and more. Everyone in the family will be enthralled by the park’s gorgeous butterfly garden and turtle pond. 

Another top spot is Schuylkill Canal Park, where you can take a wildflower or bird-watching walk and hike the five-mile water loop trail. For a truly unique experience, visit Schuylkill Canal’s Lock 60, a restored canal lock built in the 1820s.  Check out the original Locktender's house and see a live demonstration of the historical lock during your visit.

Explore History & Nature in Valley Forge

Many Montco parks provide a unique opportunity to walk through history while taking in picturesque landscapes.

The best-known of the bunch is Valley Forge National Historical Park, where George Washington and the Continental Army lodged during the winter of 1777-1778. Today, the park is home to many historical sites, monuments, and extensive hiking trails, and hosts programs and events throughout the year.

Just a short drive from Valley Forge is Fort Washington State Park, located on the site where Washington and his troops built a fort during the fall of 1777. The park offers expansive trails and is a perfect location for hiking, picnicking, and bird-watching. Be sure to check out the Hawk Watch Observation Deck to observe butterflies in the summer and migrating hawks in the autumn.

No matter which Montco park(s) you visit, you’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with the people who matter most.