Valley Forge National Historical Park

On December 19, 1777, George Washington led a weary Continental Army into Valley Forge. For the next six months, the hills along the banks of the Schuylkill River would serve as the Army's home. Here are some of the top historical spots in the Park. For more information visit the National Park Service's website.

Valley Forge Park Winter Huts Header

Muhlenberg Brigade Huts

To stave off the cold during the harsh winter, Washington's men erected crude huts to serve as temporary barracks. Twelve men were assigned to each hut.

The reconstructed huts are on the site of General Peter Muhlenberg's encampment. The huts are the center for historical interpretation at the park, staffed with interpreters through the summer months, and help show what daily life was like in the Valley Forge camp. 

History - Washington's Headquarters

Washington's Headquarters

Due to the impacts of flooding from Post-Tropical Cyclone Ida, the interior of Washington's Headquarters remains closed indefinitely.

During his time in Valley Forge, George Washington set up his headquarters in a small two-story stone building. The building could be considered the "Pentagon" of its time, as it is was the place where Washington and his highest-ranking officers worked and lived during the encampment.

Valley Forge Park Artillery

Artillery Park

Rows of cannons line artillery park, the site where Henry Knox and his artillery unit trained during the winter encampment.

The area is one of the most picturesque in the park, a great photo opportunity year-round.



The United States National Memorial Arch, located at the intersection of Outerline Drive and Gulph Road, was erected to commemorate the arrival of General George Washington and the Continental Army into Valley Forge.

Trolley Tour

Trolley Tours

A 90-minute trolley tour is a great way to experience the park in the short amount of time. Run by the Encampment Store, these guided tours take you from the Visitor Center to all points of the park, with extended stops at the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts and Washington's Headquarters. Tour times vary by season so be sure to check the Encampment Store's website before planning your visit.