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Executive Department

Mike Bowman Headshot 2022

Mike Bowman President & CEO

Linda Brumbaugh Headshot 2022

Linda Brumbaugh Executive Assistant

Marketing & Communications Department

Headshot of Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley Associate Vice President of Communications & Visitor Experience

Headshot of Justine Garbarino

Justine Garbarino Associate Vice President of Marketing

Headshot of Samantha Cummons

Samantha Cummons Director of Public Relations

Kirsten Tallman Headshot 2022

Kirsten Tallman Director of Visitor Services

Headshot of Joel Hoffman

Joel Hoffman Creative Manager

Headshot of Courtney Lynch

Courtney Lynch Digital Marketing Manager

Headshot of Joe Bates

Joe Bates Research Specialist

Tessa Robinson Headshot

Tessa Robinson Communications Specialist

Sophia Jang Headshot

Sophia Jang Creative Design Associate

Hannah Kaupp Destination Experience Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Jake Markezin Headshot 2022

Jake Markezin Vice President of Operations

Events, Membership and Services

Lisa Karl Headshot 2022

Lisa Karl Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Megan Tomlinson Headshot 2022

Megan Tomlinson Executive Director of Events, Membership and Services

Aja Cramer Headshot 2022

Aja Cramer Membership Sales Manager

Sports, Tourism and Convention Sales

Lisa Karl Headshot 2022

Lisa Karl Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Scott Higgins Headshot 2022

Scott Higgins, HMCC Director of Sales

John Scheuren

Jon Scheuren Director of Sports

Rachel Dailey Headshot 2022

Rachel Dailey, CTIS Associate Director of Sports

stephanie kilroy

Stephanie Kilroy Sales Manager

Headshot of Tyler Gebhard

Tyler Gebhard Events and Services Coordinator