Crave Montco Advertising

Crave Montco is the official dining guide for Montgomery County, PA. The Crave Montco Guide is published once a year. It is available in print and can be viewed online. The publication features information on the best cuisine in the county, chef profiles, recipes and more.

Advertising in Crave offers a unique opportunity to reach a targeted audience of food enthusiasts looking for the best dining experiences in Montgomery County

  • Rate Card: Available to view here.
  • Advertising Deadline: April 19, 2024
  • Circulation: 15,000, available in both print & digital formats
  • Release Date: June 2024
  • Distribution: The Visitors Guide is distributed to group tour operators, meeting planners, and travel agents. As well as high-traffic locations around Montgomery County including: 
    • The Montgomery County Visitors Center at Valley Forge National Historical Park
    • Montgomery County Hotels
    • Local Attractions

For more information contact Aja Cramer, Membership Sales Manager,