Student Group Tours

Valley Forge & Montgomery County

Valley Forge and Montgomery County is one of the most student-friendly destinations in the northeast, with amazing history, thrilling adventure and discoveries waiting to be made. We've put together a few sample itineraries to give you a taste of what our region has to offer:

Sample Student Itineraries

Patriot Trails

History that Marches off the Page

It's one thing to read about the significant forward steps our nation took in Valley Forge and Montgomery County, Pa. It's something else entirely to experience them yourself.

Elmwood Park Zoo Ziplining

Awaken Your Inner Adventurer

Get that pulse to pound a little; gasp in surprise at a new experience; learn a new skill. Going home with just an album of selfies is boring. Take home a badge of honor.


Make a Groundbreaking Discovery

Explore Valley Forge and Montgomery County, Pa., and learn something new - even if it's about yourself and what you can accomplish when challenged.

Pokemon Go at Arch

Catch 'Em All

Who says education can't be fun? Valley Forge National Historical Park provides a unique opportunity for learning while students continue their Pokemon adventure.