Valley Forge Park Trails

Hiking & Biking in Valley Forge National Historical Park 

Valley Forge National Historical Park is not just a space to discover history, it is a haven for outdoor recreation in the Philadelphia region. The park is home to more than 20 miles of multi-use trails that can be explored on foot, by bike, on horseback, or by water.


Length: 8.7 Miles

The Joseph Plumb Martin Trail is a hilly five-mile paved loop trail (with a few off-shoots) that connects some of the park's most iconic monuments, including the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts and the National Memorial Arch. The trail is great for runners, walkers and cyclists.


Length: 60 Miles (2 Miles in Valley Forge Park)

The Schuylkill River Trail is one of the country's premier suburban trails, and two miles of the current 60-mile trail run through Valley Forge Park. To the west, downtown Phoenixville is a short seven-mile trip. To the east, the trail runs 22 miles to Schuylkill River Park in the heart of Philadelphia.


Length: 3 Miles

The River Trail, not to be confused with the Schuylkill River Trail, runs three miles through Valley Forge Park along the banks of the Schuylkill. The trail connects Betzwood Picnic area to Pawlings Farm on the park's north side.


Length: 2.5 Miles

Mount Joy is one of two high points - Mount Misery is the other - within Valley Forge Park. There are 2.5 miles of hiking and horseback trails on Mount Joy, with a connection to the Joseph Plumb Martin Trail.


Length: 4 Miles

Mount Misery, the second of two small peaks in Valley Forge Park, is home to four miles of trails. Among those are the 1.3-mile Valley Creek Trail which parallels the namesake creek for a nice, flat ride or walk. Mount Misery is also home to the first (or last) mile of the Horse-Shoe Trail, a 140-mile trail that connects Valley Forge Park to the Appalachian Trail north of Harrisburg.


Length: 2 Miles in Valley Forge Park

Trails in Valley Forge are not limited to the land. Visitors to the park can hit the water of the Schuylkill River as it slices through the park. Betzwood Picnic area is a great point to begin or end a journey on the river. Local outfitter Port Providence Paddle offers a six-hour trip from Port Providence to Betzwood complete with rentals and a shuttle pick-up.