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Revolutionary Restaurants

Where to eat for a historical experience

Nearly 250 years have passed since the Revolutionary War left its mark on Valley Forge and Montgomery County. While there have been a lot of changes over the centuries, there are still many reminders of the past, including restaurants that served both Patriots and Tories during the struggle for American independence.

Legend holds that the Black Powder Tavern served as a site for George Washington's covert meetings and that it was designated as a secret black powder munitions stash. Today, Black Powder Tavern is still a gathering place with great food and fine spirits more than 200 years after the encampment.

Savona Restaurant sits just down the road from the Overhanging Rock, site of a pre-Valley Forge encampment for the Continental Army. At one time, the building served as headquarters for Aaron Burr. Today, the restaurant offers modern cuisine and more than 1,200 wine selections in a historic…

While most Revolutionary-era sites trace their importance through the Americans, the General Warren was a Tory stronghold where British Loyalists were known to meet. Today the restaurant, which also operates as a bed and breakfast, offers both modern and traditional menu items.

In 1777, the Liberty Bell was whisked away to Allentown, making a stop at the "Rising Sun" hotel. Today, Telford's Rising Sun Inn serves a mix of American and European classics with a twist, including their signature bison dishes.