Welcome to The Pursuit, the official blog of the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau!

We are excited to launch this communications vehicle - a first for us - as a way of connecting with you closer, more frequently and in the most technologically friendly way possible. The Pursuit will be a place where you can learn more about an event, attraction, gathering or opportunity throughout Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

We'll also be including hints, tips and insider info to help you get the most out of your leisure time - your pursuit, if you will, of a memorable visit to Montgomery County's numerous treasures. Whether it's background on one of our unique museums, a profile piece on an up-and-coming artist or the announcement of a mouth-watering new restaurant, you'll want to keep atop of the story behind the story.

Spring has nestled in nicely throughout Montgomery County, making it the perfect time to get out of doors: The winter chill has been chased away, but the sapping summer humidity hasn't yet moved into replace it. Plus we're getting more and more daylight in the mornings and evenings.

The golden sun and blue sky combine at this time of year to make our picturesque county even more appealing. Why not capture it with some stunning photographs? Our initial blog entries comprise a series of helpful photography tips that will work with equipment ranging from high-end professional grade to point-and-shoot to even your basic cell phone camera.

Photo by K. Bailey Fucanan

We're also inviting you to share your results on our Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr pages, where our guest blogger, a professional photographer with extensive experience, will offer hints and suggestions on how results can be improved. Or recognize you with deepest kudos if you've captured that perfect shot that even she couldn't have made better.

We hope you'll follow The Pursuit over the long term; we've got plenty to share, considering Montgomery County's wealth of entertainment, shopping, culture, sports and just plain fun.

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