Montgomery County, PA – To continue to enhance Montgomery County, PA’s already thriving bicycle culture, the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB) debuted a biking video featuring Vice Chair of the County Commissioners, Ken Lawrence, that will be shared strategically throughout the region.

Montco has some of the best biking trails and routes around, and this initiative not only highlights safe, social distancing outdoor exercise, but also showcases the variety of experiences both on – and off – the county’s almost 100 miles of trails, and beyond.  

In the upbeat video, Lawrence – a former member of the VFTCB Board of Directors – is shown preparing to ride the Schuylkill River Trail along with beautiful scenery shots, including GoPro and drone footage, of the vast trail network all across Montco. The video also features how visitors, and locals, can explore the county’s different towns, history, dining, adventure, family-friendly attractions, shopping, 80 hotels, and the VFTCB’s #MakeItMontco Hotel Package.

“Many of (the trails) are linked. You can walk, bike, ride, kayak, anything you want to do, you can do it on a Montgomery County trail,” Lawrence says in the video. “One of my favorite things I like to do after a ride is go to a brewery, and have a cold beer, and it’s interesting how a lot of our breweries are actually linked, or connected, or very close to the trails. If you wanted to have a biking weekend, you could definitely come in, stay for the weekend, bike, and there’s a ton to do when you’re not on the bike.”

Produced with Howlite Creative – a video, animation, photography, and graphic design company in the area – the video also highlights the VFTCB’s Bike Montco digital maps with animated trail maps, and 3D renderings.

The Bike Montco digital route initiative is a partnership between the VFTCB and the Montgomery County Planning Commission. So far, the team has put together tours for both the “Homes and Gardens of the Main Line,”, and the Challenging Hills of Bridgeport. Both maps are available at, and on the VFTCB’s free Visit Valley Forge mobile app.

“We know biking is everywhere right now, but Montco does it better because of the size and width of our spacious trails, the lack of density out here in the suburbs, and the fact that they’re all connected to anywhere you want to go throughout the county, and the region,” said Mike Bowman, President & CEO of the VFTCB. “Plus, all of our other assets align to biking in Montco between the ability to stay overnight, our Montco Makers, the fact that you can Embark Montco with your dog because we’re so pet-friendly, and nowhere else in the region even comes close to that.”

The free Visit Valley Forge mobile app is a hand-held guide for where to stay, play, eat, and shop in Montgomery County, Pa. Claim special offers under Maps & Info, enjoy free digital highlights that are family-friendly, and discover the best attractions, search-by-cuisine-restaurants, outdoor activities like golf, and more.

Riders are strongly encouraged to ensure their bicycles are in top working order before embarking on the routes, with particular attention given to brakes and tires. There are numerous bicycle shops (a PA essential business) in Montgomery County that can help with this. Riders are also strongly encouraged to wear a helmet, and all are reminded that Pennsylvania Law requires all cyclists 13 years and younger to wear one at all times.

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