On this Saturday, June 20th, The SunnyBrook Ballroom will be holding what could be called, the country’s first “Social Distancing Drive-in WEDDING”. 

The SunnyBrook Ballroom is a premier event venue located in Lower Pottsgrove, PA. Like many businesses, they were forced to close their doors when the COVID-19 Pandemic struck back in March. This created an opportunity for the large venue to think outside the box, and that they did! They created a “Social Distancing Drive-in” on their large parking lot. This quickly became a huge success with sellouts every weekend.

Now SunnyBrook has taken the drive-in to the next level holding its first  ever Drive-in Wedding.  “I just couldn’t break another brides heart,” said JoAnne Paquette, Sales Director at the historic and beautiful SunnyBrook Ballroom. “Especially when we’re so close to life going back to normal. My heart couldn’t take it.” In all the uncertainty that the world has right now, The SunnyBrook Ballroom has given a bit of light to one couple. A “Socially Distanced Drive-In Wedding.” Working together with her team, JoAnne came up with a plan that would be the first that the area, and possibly the country has ever seen.  The bride and groom will have the ceremony in the venues Wedding Garden accompanied by the bridal party and parents keeping the total number under 25 people.  With the help of PCTV and The Hill School, the ceremony will be filmed and live-streamed onto their 40’ drive-in movie screen. The screen will be set up in the parking lot where the guests can watch and hear the ceremony from their vehicles.  Sound will be broadcasted via a low frequency FM transmitter to the cars. 

No wedding would be complete without the first dance. In order to create this special moment for the couple, SunnyBrook is creating a stage that will be setup in front of the screen for the couple to come out to the parking lot after their vows to have their first dance. The Uptown Band will also be playing and set up in the parking lot as well.  All of the dances will be live-streamed to the big screen as the band plays their songs.

SunnyBrook will be serving the couples menu of choice to the guests the same way they do at their drive-ins: delivery by golf cart.

After setting up all the details with the SunnyBrook team, JoAnne contacted the future bride and groom and ran everything by them, they couldn’t be happier. “We just want to get married,” they said, “we’re happy you figured out a way!”  

All weddings are special, but this one goes above and beyond. This couple will be able to share their amazing story of how they got married in the middle of a pandemic like no other. What an amazing story to share for generations.

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