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Valley Forge is a name that every child learns in elementary school, but most people still don't know the story of what happened. Valley Forge National Historical Park was created to preserve our nation's history and tell the story of the Continental Army during the winter of 1777-78.

Through the years, the park has grown to be much more than historic site. 

Valley Forge Park Artillery


On December 19, 1777, the Continental Army marched in to Valley Forge. For the next six months, the divided groups of militiamen would band together to form a true army, one capable of taking the fight to the British. Learn more about what happened here more than 200 years ago that makes this such an important place.

Valley Forge Park - Biking


While Valley Forge is certainly a must-see for history buffs, the park has also become a haven for outdoor recreation. With nearly 30 miles of trails, waterways filled with trout and catfish, and scenic picnic areas, recreation has become a major draw to the historic grounds. 

Valley Forge Park - 4th of July


The pages of history come alive during Valley Forge National Historical Park's annual events. Enjoy a Fourth of July picnic in the park, let your kids join the Continental Army, and sing happy birthday to General Washington. 



Valley Forge National Historical Park is a true group destination. The park is popular with groups of all ages, from elementary school field trips and scout troop outings to motorcoach tours.

Valley Forge Park - Bison Feeding


Visit the east coast's largest shopping center, hand-feed a bison, paddle down the Perkiomen Creek, try your luck at the slot machine, or put the pedal to the floor on a go-kart track. Adventure awaits, and its all just minutes from Valley Forge Park.

Valley Forge - Black Powder Tavern


Visitors to Valley Forge will never have to fight hunger. Restaurants abound in the area surrounding the park, with options ranging from fine dining to diners, and steakhouses to sandwich shops to please very palate.

Elmwood Park Zoo - Hotels


Accomodations have improved greatly since the Continental Army set up camp. Today, greater Valley Forge is home to one of the highest concentrations of hotels in the region, with rooms for every taste and budget. 



Valley Forge National Historical Park is located just 18 miles west of Center City Philadelphia and is easily accessible from New York City, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.