Cabin Fever Weekend Prescription

Old Man Winter's grip on Montgomery County tightened this week, and he shows no signs of giving up any time soon. Sub-zero wind chills can certainly be intimidating, but they're no reason to remain immobile under a down comforter all weekend long.

Rousing you from your icy inertia is exactly the goal of our present Cabin Fever Reliever campaign, reminding you that fun always trumps frost and pleasure surpasses any polar vortex.

The Pursuit of weekend opportunities to laugh at the cold are plentiful. Juice up the heater in the car; layer on your warmest clothes; and have a good time.

It's hard to imagine, but if Elvis were still with us (presuming he isn't, of course), he would have turned 79 this month. We can imagine him still managing a hip-swivel or two, even if that hip happened to have been replaced somewhere along the line. The Keswick Theater is marking Elvis' birthday with a tribute concert January 24. Two Elvises are onstage for one ticket price: one is the jump-suited Vegas version and the other is the Brylcreemed teen-idol. Backed by the Big E Band, the playlist encompasses all of Elvis' nearly quarter century as a Rock and Roll icon.

Sunnybrook Ballroom is also taking note of a significant anniversary: the 50 years since the onset of the British Invasion, that period in the 1960s when bands from "across the pond" (including four mop-tops from Liverpool) took the American music scene by storm. The January 24 performance is billed as three concerts in one. First, are the iconic British groups such as The Zombies, The Moody Blues, Dave Clark Five and Herman's Hermits. The American musical
"response" follows, with memorable hits by celebrated artists such as The Monkees, The Turtles, The Mamas & The Papas and Tommy James & The Shondells. The finale is John, Paul, George and Ringo in all their glory, complete with authentic outfits. Yes ladies, you can scream!

Warning: This next recommendation comes with strings attached! The children's classic
Pinocchio opens at the Steel River Playhouse on Saturday, January 25, and runs all weekend. The familiar story gets a fresh adaptation and a unique score, putting a new spin on the story of a puppet with an identity problem. If you want to expose your kids to entertainment that doesn't come from either a cable box or a smartphone, this is an opportunity you "wooden" want to miss.

Steel River Playhouse

It's a hairy happy birthday at the Perk Valley Pet Eatery, giving you a chance to sing to your Spaniel or cheer your Chihuahua. Advertised as an event for those animals born in January (but we doubt they will be carding at the door), the party on January 26 includes a cupcake, bandana, a photo and other goodies.

You may not know that literary giant J.D. Salinger was a student at Ursinus College back in the fall of 1938. As a remembrance on the impact he eventually had on American literature, Ursinus is holding a Salinger read-a-thon on Sunday, January 26 in the first-floor lounge of its library. The free event, starting at 6 p.m., comprises a tag-team reading of The Catcher in the Rye, augmented with photos, music and themed food. Limited copies of the book and t-shirts commemorating the evening (part of programming for the 2014 Year of the Library) will be available. Take note, however: The novel is 26 chapters long and is expected to end near midnight.

By the time that live reading of The Catcher in the Rye finishes and Holden Caulfield boards the bus to Hollywood and an uncertain future, it's going to be late. Instead of returning to your own bed and board, consider checking into one of the fine hotels and other accommodations listed on our website. You'll extend your escape from Cabin Fever, while taking advantage of the special offers we've compiled. And if your thirst for all things Salinger hasn't been quenched by the Ursinus event, take along a copy of Franny and Zooey to read in bed.