Monty the Fox

Name: Montgomery “Monty” Fox

Birth Place: Valley Forge National Historical Park

Birthday: May 15

Height: 6”1

Weight: 175 lbs.

Favorite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (It was even better than the original)

Favorite Song: Fox on the Run by Sweet

Favorite TV Show: Lost (starring Matthew Fox)

Celebrity Crush: Megan Fox

Favorite Beer: Sly Fox SRT Ale

Monty the Fox

Monty's Story

Montgomery Fox – Monty to his friends – was born and raised in Valley Forge National Historical Park. Monty had made a home for himself inside one of the recreated Continental Army huts. A friendly park ranger found him one day after leading tours of the area and the two became quick friends.

Monty told the ranger his story – how his great-great-great grandfather had been saved by General Washington and how his family had spent the next 200 years guarding the home where they still believed the General to live.

The ranger told Monty about Washington’s heroics in the war and how the world had changed since 1777. Excited and curious, Monty ventured outside the park for the first time, on a mission to explore.

He went on a shopping spree at King of Prussia Mall where he bought himself a new wardrobe and picked up an iPhone so he could tweet about his many adventures.