While the general population isn’t driving a whole lot these days, finding a trusted auto mechanic is priceless. Mike Yannessa at Wheels in Motion aims to be that place for his customers.

“We are a family-owned business* that has been in Pottstown since 1979. December 2020 starts our 41st year in business. My father Mike Yannessa started the company.” Mike now continues the tradition of great work and service, offering auto repair on trucks and cars, auto detailing, custom wheels, tires accessories, PA Inspections and oil changes to engine replacements as well as performing all aspects of collision repair. Wheels in Motion also works on classic cars, which takes some special skills. They specialize in customization and personalization, too.

During COVID, Mike says they were very lucky to be an essential business. “There were some ups and downs, but overall business has been good. We were inundated with PA inspections this year. In June the lockdown was lifted, and we were scheduling cars that expired in March-June. Even during the lockdown people were still working or going to the store and their vehicles needed maintenance. Some people were willing to leave their cars to get extra work completed they normally did not have time to do, while others went completely off the radar,” Mike explains.

“Most of our regular customers have made their way in by now. It is nice to see them and catch up. Some of these people we see every month or so and, in some cases, it has been 6 months since their last service. A lot of our customers we consider friends, so it’s nice to see them and know they are doing well.” Mike says. “We were lucky to not have any team members or customers get sick. One vendor paid for oil and filters if we did the labor and was offered to all First Responders. We also accommodated where we could any special needs for our customers.” Serving the community while keeping everyone safe is a top priority at Wheels in Motions. 

During the lockdown no one was allowed inside the shop. “We allow waiting appointments but space them out to keep foot traffic in our shop to a minimum. We cleared out our showroom to allow for social distancing and have floor stickers installed to help guide our customers. We strongly encourage masks when you enter our building,” Mike explains. “We have always had drop boxes to drop keys off, and now have lock boxes right next to our drop box. We have made it really easy for people to pay over the phone with a credit card, and place all invoices, receipts, etc. in the vehicle. The most important thing I hear from our customers is trust. We have built relationships on trust, which gives them peace of mind.’

Mike has combined all the good points of a family-owned business with a large corporation. “All the services and benefits we offer to our customers are some of best in the area. We have a beautiful building right on High Street, which used to be Dames Chevrolet, and is located right across from the library.”

There is a lot of competition in the automotive business, Mike says. “You can go a lot places to have your car repaired. What makes Wheels In Motion stand out is our people. You can have the fancy building with best equipment, but if you do not have good people, none of that matters. Many of our customers became our friends and we talk about our personal lives and interests. We patronize many of them as well. To be truly successful you need to enjoy what you do, and our team loves cars and repairing them. We all work together to make that happen for our customer.”

Wheels in Motion is located at 525 East High Street in Pottstown.

*Please check current hours, mask requirements, social distancing, and other COVID-19 protocols at Wheels in Motion. Contact them at 610-327-1945 or wheelsinmotion@aol.com.