As our local, regional, national and global community makes the necessary adjustments to navigate this period of uncertainty, Montgomery County's hospitality industry is working tirelessly to provide our community with every available resource and opportunity to support one another.

Amidst government-mandated closures of restaurants and bars, our local dining scene is continuing to serve the Montco community while complying with health and safety regulations. Now is a great time to show your support for all those who make Montgomery County a great place to live, work, and visit. Check out our top tips below:


Buy Gift Cards & Certificates to Local Businesses


Gift Cards are a fantastic way to any and all local businesses. Thousands of Montco based businesses; retail, restaurant, bars, attractions, etc., offer gift cards that are available for purchase online. The best part is that they can be used at any time, for any reason. There's no need to worry about using the offers you select within a limited time when you buy gift cards.

While practicing social distancing, having something to look forward to in the future is a good way to keep your spirits high. Plan ahead for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or future travel plans by purchasing gift cards you can use later on.  

Expedition Escape! King of Prussia
Looking for that Perfect Gift? Give the gift of an adventure they won't soon forget! They're perfect for any occasion. Expedition Escape provides gift cards that you can easily purchase right online! Use coupon code COVID for 19% off right now!


Buy Merchandise Online


By the same token, purchasing merchandise from local businesses also helps to keep spirits and revenue up. A plethora of Montco's small businesses offer their patrons the opportunity to support them through official merch. Be it t-shirts and hoodies, mugs and koozies, or other variations of merch, many Montco businesses have dedicated pages on their websites for merch sales. 

Keep small businesses in mind while you browse the internet for your next online purchase. 


Order Takeout


While we're staying safe through social distancing, adding some variety into your new routine helps not just you, but your favorite restaurants in the area. Montco is a fantastic area for dining and our 1,600+ restaurants are leading the charge by offering take out from your local favorite spots. You're already online, so why not check out which Montco favorites are offering curbside pick up, take out and delivery specials? 

Areas restaurants in Montgomery County are offering those who are self-isolating the opportunity to come to pick up and take out a delicious meal from numerous local favorites. See who's still serving here

Tip Well When You Can


Regardless of the current situation, tipping well is something we should all be practicing on a regular basis. However, in times of uncertainty, tipping well when we can is one way to provide for those who primarily rely on the generosity of their fellow man as a source of income. Those who work part-time or hourly shifts will have to miss shifts due to closures of restaurants, schools, etc. Make sure to factor in tipping when considering going to pick up a meal or having food and other items delivered to you at home. 


Reschedule Your Reservations If You Can't Make It


We understand how tough it is to have to cancel plans. Restaurants rely heavily on reservations for staffing purposes and scheduling, please let them know if you are not able to make your reservations.

Take Care of Yourself


It is important to take care of yourself. Having good health helps boost your immune system. Here are some suggestion on how to take care of yourself:

  • Yoga in your home
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Make a healthy home cooked meal
  • Call a friend you haven't spoken to in awhile
  • Workout in your home
  • Go for a run
  • Start/Continue a new hobby
Explore Virtual & Streaming Services

Many places in the county are offering virtual streaming services. Be sure to check out business Facebook pages for virtual content including the Elmwood Park Zoo who is getting creative amidst the coronavirus closures, launching a package of online content including live streams of animals, interactive lessons, and more.

Elmwood Park Zoo

Yearly Membership Sale

Visitors can purchase or renew a yearly Elmwood Park Zoo membership and save up to 55%. The purchaser can choose a smaller discount and support the zoo with a larger purchase. The sale ends April 24.

Zoo School Live!

Elmwood Park Zoo's Education Department hosts a daily live stream called Zoo School Live! Viewers get a chance to meet one of the zoo's live animal ambassadors and learn from our educators about what makes each animal unique. They can ask questions that may get answered live on air, or they can post their questions to Facebook after the broadcast where our educators will answer them directly.

Zoo School Live! airs Monday through Friday at 11 am on the zoo's Facebook page, and then can be viewed on the zoo's YouTube channel a short while after. 

Keeper Connections

Elmwood Park Zoo has begun a new video series this week featuring its zookeepers demonstrating various training techniques that keep the zoo's animals happy and healthy. New videos are posted to the zoo's Facebook and YouTube pages every day at 2 pm. Viewers can post questions that will be answered by the zookeepers.

Distance Learning Special

Elmwood Park Zoo's Education Department will connect with your child via Zoom or Skype for a fun and educational program suited to their age. The price is currently 50% off for a 30 minute program. Details on the zoo's Distance Learning is available at

Mother's Day Gift Guide- Elmwood Park Zoo
Send your mom hugs and giraffe kisses this Mother’s Day with home delivery to Mom’s doorstep! Our one-of-a-kind packages feature giraffe “kisses,” a bouquet of flowers from Blooming Affairs, a box of chocolates, and a special note from you to your mom! *Purchase your gifts by May 1 and you may qualify for free delivery! See below for details.

KOP Quaranteam Virtual Events
Each week, they are bringing you virtual fun to enjoy with the whole family!

The Escape Game King of Prussia
Hey Escapees! Here are a few ways to enjoy TEG if you’re stuck at home!

Manor House at Prophecy Creek​ Virtual Tour
Recently engaged? Take a quick glimpse into the magic behind the Manor House as you listen to Director of Events, Chelsea Schnell, take you through a virtual tour! For more information about The Manor House at Prophecy Creek visit

Whitemarsh Township Parks and Recreation
They have released an “In-Home Recreation Resources” webpage. The new tool provides over 100 resources of things to do while staying at home. These are divided into tabs such as Arts, Crafts, and Education, Environment and Nature, and Movement and Exercise, among others.

Expedition Escape's Virtual Escape Room Games

Local Indie Movie Theaters Offering Their Content for Rent Online



Explore the Trails


We know how tough it is be indoors all the times. Get outside and get some fresh air. It's the best cure for the blues. All permits have been revoked and the parks should be considered closed, but if the trail goes through the park, you can ride your bike or run or walk through but be sure to keep your social distance!

Please note, Valley Forge National Historical Park is now closed. Explore the trails here.


Leave a Positive Review

Leave a positive review on Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor and other review services to help a local business out. These reviews have such incredible impacts on a business. Take a few minutes and leave your favorite small businesses a positive review.


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