Growing up, Jed Ellwood and his parents often traveled close to two hours each way to see an ophthalmologist, Dr. Joseph Calhoun, for treatment of congenital glaucoma in his right eye. He and his family made this trip a few times a year for several years of his childhood. While the trips were long, Jed remembers thinking of King of Prussia as a far away, magical place. If he behaved at his eye appointments, his parents would take him to the mall for a treat!

Valley Forge National Historical Park holds a very special place in Jed’s heart. Jed's first experience with the park was a fifth-grade field trip.  He began running through the park regularly as an adult after moving to the area with his wife, Laura.  Not only does it hold fond memories from his own childhood, but now also holds fond memories for his two children as well.

Jed Ellwood - Rev Run Sponsor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jed was stuck at home with two young sons and not many options for activities. Up early every day, he decided to bring them over to Valley Forge Park one morning for the sunrise. It became a regular experience for them – beginning their day together, under the sun, and in the beauty of nature. 

One morning, at the National Memorial Arch, Jed and his two boys had a chance encounter with our Rev Run Race Director, Kirsten Tallman. Jed asked Kirsten to take a picture of the three of them near the arch. Noticing Jed’s 2019 Rev Run shirt, she struck up a conversation with him and was able to hear his amazing story about how near and dear the park is to him.

Jed Ellwood - Rev Run Sponsor - Arch

Inspired by his own eye care experiences, Jed became an optometrist himself, and is now known to his patients as Dr. Joseph Ellwood, OD. And even better? In a truly beautiful, full-circle moment, Jed took over King of Prussia Family Eye Care in 2019 and now gets to treat patients in the same area he traveled to all those years as a child.

"It's an honor to serve the community as a healthcare provider and to be able to give back in support of Rev Run and Valley Forge National Historical Park.”

Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board is proud to have King of Prussia Family Eye Care as a Rev Run sponsor for the second year. We truly appreciate and value our partnerships with businesses in the county. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Montgomery County, there’s no better option than Dr. Jed Ellwood at King of Prussia Family Eye Care.