Sadhguru’s ”Inner Engineering” program, in Oaks the weekend of May 5th
can be done by anyone and has proven mental and physical health benefits

Oaks, PA – Best-selling author and visionary, Sadhguru, who has reached over 100 million people worldwide through his yoga and meditation practices, will teach his Inner Engineering program in the greater Philadelphia area of Montgomery County the weekend of May 5th.

The Valley Forge Tourism & Convention (VFTCB) board is proud to partner with the local Isha Yoga Philadelphia Chapter to help bring this event to Montco. The Valley Forge Sports Sales and VFTCB Marketing teams will be supporting organizers with marketing and media efforts, as well as other services to promote health and fitness, an important value in the area. More than 3,000 people are expected to attend the two-day program at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Montgomery County, PA.

Sadhguru’s daily yoga practice goes beyond physical activity and stretching – it can help align the mind, emotions, and energy for overall well-being – and can be incorporated into every aspect of someone’s life with no lifestyle changes.  Surveys of regular practitioners by Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation have shown that daily practice can also have meaningful positive effects on reducing anxiety, depression, hypertension, asthma, headaches, neck/back pain, diabetes, and insomnia.

During Inner Engineering, Sadhguru will bring his wisdom and insights and teach his 21-minute practice, which can be done by anyone and is not only designed for seasoned yoga practitioners. The practice uses minimal movements and focuses on the breath to ultimately create joy and resolve inner conflicts.

A 2015 survey from the American Psychological Association reported that almost a quarter of U.S. adults are under extreme stress. One of the significant and proven benefits of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering, a program that has been taught for over 30 years, is improved inner peace among more than 90 percent of the practitioners surveyed. 

Sadhguru is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of yoga and meditation, and is the founder of the McMinnville, Tennessee-based Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, which is dedicated to raising human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation. The nonprofit foundation offers programs that provide methods that can help anyone work towards attaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Sadhguru’s YouTube following has helped him reach nearly 100 million people who have experienced his tools for well-being, and the Foundation reports that more than 7 million people follow Isha practices regularly.

The Inner Engineering program requires attendees to complete seven online sessions, 60 to 90 minutes in length, in advance, to lay the foundation for inner well-being and prepare them for the in-person program. Attendees are advised to sign up for the program before April 28th to allow time to complete the online sessions.

To register for Inner Engineering, visit,call 484-254-6255 or email / To take advantage of the early bird discount, participants must register by March 1st.

About the Isha Foundation and Sadhguru

The Isha Foundation was founded by Sadhguru Vasudev in 1992. It is an international non-profit, non-religious public service organization dedicated to cultivating human potential.  Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent worldwide spiritual leader.  Sadhguru has spoken across the world, from the World Economic Forum to the United Nations and most recently, to executives at Google.