How Tourism Benefits Everyone

Tourism is big business in Montgomery County, but you may not realize how big. Here are some numbers to show how the travel industry affects all of us, both directly and indirectly:


That's how much of an impact tourism had the Montgomery County economy last year. In the Greater Philadelphia region, the total impact is more than $10 billion.

Of the Montgomery County total, $992 million was in direct spending by tourists. This includes lodging, dining, transportation, retail sales, recreation, business services and more. 

And the number is only getting bigger. 


That's how many jobs were sustained by tourism activity in Montgomery County last year. This includes 15,000 jobs that are directly supported by the industry, such as transportation professionals, hotel employees, waitresses, museum caretakers and more.

An additional 5,000 jobs were indirectly supported by tourism sales. Businesses like printers, graphic designers, food service providers, mechanics all receive more work because of the tourism industry. 


That's how much tax revenue was generated by the tourism industry in Montgomery County last year. Because of the tourism industry, the average household in Montgomery saved $810 in taxes last year.