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Haunted Montgomery County

Ghostly Legends in Montco and Beyond

Valley Forge and Montgomery County have witnessed a great amount of history, some heroic, some tragic. It should come as no surprise that tales of ghosts and hauntings have been attached to some of our most historic homes and attractions. Here are a few of Montgomery County's legendary haunts.

The sites listed here are for entertainment purposes only; no actual claim of authenticity is implied in their inclusion in this listing. All of the places listed on our list are open to the public, but please only visit during regular business hours or special events.

Paoli Battlefield Monument



The Paoli Battlefield Historical Park was site of one of the most gruesome battles of the American Revolution. The British troops attacked the Americans at midnight with bayonets and swords leaving many dead, and perhaps a few spirits in their wake. If you would like to find out for yourself, the park is hosting a paranormal investigation on October 21. This event is a private tour, limited to pre-registered attendees only.

Graeme Park at Night



Keith House, onsite at the park, was a summer residence of Sir William Keith, Governor of Colonial Pennsylvania. But the ghost that allegedly haunts the park is that of Elizabeth Graeme, whose husband was a British loyalist that never returned to her after the American Revolution. The Park is hosting a Paranormal Investigation on November 18 for those who would like to experience the spirits of Graeme Park for themselves.

Valley Forge Park at Twilight


Valley Forge

The hardships that the Continental Army faced during the Valley Forge encampment are well-documented. And with such stories come ghostly legends. Phantom soldiers, distant sounds of musket fire and other strange occurrences have been reported at the site in the 240 years since. 

Rising Sun Inn



During the American Revolution, the Rising Sun Inn was one of many stopover points for the Liberty Bell as it was carried safely away from Philadelphia. With more than 300 years of history, the Inn has also had its share of ghostly legends, including a female spirit said to haunt the upstairs.

Eastern State Penitentiary at Night



Eastern State Penitentiary is one a menacing building with a legendary past. Housing some of the most violent and notorious criminals of all-time, the former prison is considered among the most haunted sites in the country. The prison is open for tours throughout the year. In fall, the prison becomes even more frightening when cell blocks are transformed into the ultimate haunted house during Terror Behind the Walls.

Black Powder Tavern Dining Room



Just minutes from Valley Forge National Historical Park, the historic inn now known as Black Powder Tavern is said to have housed a secret munitions cache during the Valley Forge encampment while also serving as a meeting place for Continental Army officers. The building may also be home to unknown spirits who make their presence known through disembodied footsteps and other strange occurrences. 

Historic General Warren



Serving as an inn and tavern since the 1740s, the Historic General Warren was a Tory stronghold during the American Revolution. It is said that spirits from that era, and from the proceeding 200 years, are still inhabiting areas of the inn today.



Selma Mansion is one of the oldest homes in Norristown, and is widely considered one of its most haunted. While the mansion is closed to the public most of the year, its ghostly past is embraced every October with a series of public events.

Candlelight Ghost Tours
On Saturday, October 7, visitors can take a tour of the home by candlelight while guides share stories of ghostly encounters at the property

Best Haunted House Ever
On Friday the 13th, Selma Mansion is transformed into one of the county's premier haunted attractions when visitors are invited to the Best Haunted House ever. 

Psychic Fair
On October 28, Selma Mansion will host its inaugural Psychic Fair. The gathering will feature readers and healers from across the region, as well as workshops.