Congratulations! you've enlisted in the British Forces

You'll be fighting alongside General William Howe to win the hunt and beat America's Continental Army. See below for your list of assignments! 

1. Woodrow Wilson described this place as “The Shrine of the American People”, where those that served have been memorialized. Write down the location and take a picture here (outside or inside)


2. At the above location find the statue dedicated to the Mothers of the Nation. Take a picture here.


3. There is a little shop near the location above where you can get some food and some souvenirs. What does the sign above the door say? Write it down.


4. Unscramble these words: HULMNEREGB  RBIAGDE UTSH. Find this location, take a photo here, and answer how many enlisted men were in 1 cabin?


5. Find the redoubt at the above location (path behind the bike rack) and find out what this specific redoubt overlooked.


6. Take a photo at the redoubt looking out toward the direction of the enemy


7. At the Memorial Arch you will find a quote fill in the blanks to complete the quote:

“Naked and  ________  as they are we ______enough admire the incomparable ______ and fidelity of the _______” - George Washington . Take a picture at the arch.


8. The Arch has a plaque with an Eagle on it, what is the Eagle holding in its feet?


9. Pennsylvania's Monument Columns guide you toward a statue. Who is the statue of and what was his nickname? Take a picture of the statue.


10. Find the trenches that were built for defense, take a picture at the location


11. Next stop is located near the center of the park and General Henry Knox is known for bringing these certain things to defend the encampment (not at his headquarters.)  Take a picture at this here and write down how many there are at this location.


12. What was the little mountain that you just drove through to get to the location above?  Find the trail and trail head, which is down the road on the left from the parking lot of Artillery Park. Walk down a grassy path on your left and across the footbridge to reach the trail head (this is a wooded, 2-3 mile, hilly hike with over 400 ft of elevation, you are welcome to enjoy). Take a photo here.


13. Go to the place that is sometimes referred to as the “pentagon” of its time. Write the name of it down and take a photo here.          


14.Where is the kitchen located in the area above?


15. Find and take a picture of the person who is overlooking the Grand Parade below, was named inspector General of the Continental Army by Washington, and was known for training the soldiers. (Pose like him and take a photo)


16. Go visit the Generals Quarters whose brigade had many both enslaved and free African American Soldiers. Find where he stayed and take a photo out front.


17. FINAL STOP: Where you can learn more about the history of the park and can see Washington on his horse. Meet back up with group members and see who answered the most questions.

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