Sports Event Funding Program Overview:  The main goal of Valley Forge Sports - Event Funding Program is to facilitate new sports business opportunities and foster the growth of sporting events in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; and overall provide positive economic impact by increasing: hotel overnight stays, restaurants, shopping establishments, area attractions, and out-of-town traveler visits. 

Valley Forge Sports will consider the following as funding opportunities:  Financial Incentive:  Provide as part of a bid, which serves as a financial incentive to attract an event to Montgomery County, Limited Resources: Provide sports organizations with limited resources an opportunity to help them get a sporting event started in Montgomery County, Future Growth Potential:  Sports organizations that have new potential future growth in Montgomery County.

Eligibility:  Events must have positive economic impact for multiple hotels within Montgomery County and not solely on any individual or individual business.  Events must require at least 375 total room nights (overnight stays) in the county.   Funds are primarily to be used to promote an event to audiences outside of Valley Forge-Montgomery County Region. Events whose focus is Montgomery County residents are not eligible for funding (community celebrations, etc.)

Funding preference will be given to events that accomplish the following:

  • Create new direct economic impact
  • Add positive marketing exposure for the area
  • Introduce new audiences/markets
  • Fill hotel rooms during Sunday & Thursday shoulder nights
  • Produce Off-Season Room Nights

Requests will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Location & Time of Year
  • Event History & Potential for Growth
  • Total Room Nights Generation & Economic Impact
  • Marketing Plan & Media Exposure
  • Quality of Life Factors & Community Benefit
  • Number of Out-of-Town Participants
  • Specific Budgetary Need for the Funding Request
  • Promotion of Valley Forge Sports & Montgomery County


  • Event Funding Request Application Submission & Documentation
  • Valley Forge Sports Commission Approval Process
  • Valley Forge Sports Commission Hotel Housing Sourcing
  • Signed Event Funding Agreement & Payment Schedule
  • Final Recap Rooms Consumption Report
  • Maximum Event Funding: potential of three times maximum

*Subject to change

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