Plymouth Meeting Mall


College Student Guide to Campus Chic

By Emily Keel and Caitlin Hoppel | August 12, 2016

From business casual to campus chic, the Plymouth Meeting Mall has you covered. On the heels of a new semester, our style-savvy interns chose Plymouth Meeting as their shopping destination.

E: Where do you usually start your day at Plymouth Meeting?

C: I like to start outside and work my way into the mall. Loft and J. Crew Mercantile are my first stops.

Plymouth Meeting Mall Plaza

E: Charming Charlie has an outdoor entrance too, and it's connected to the mall.

C: It's the perfect segue! There are so many cute accessories, it's dangerous.

E: And everything is color-coded so you can easily style a full outfit!

C: What are your favorite stores inside the mall?

E: Macy's, H&M, Express and American Eagle Outfitters are all my go-to options. There's even a Dave and Buster's for a fun break from shopping.

Plymouth Meeting Mall Plaza Dave and Buster's

C: That reminds me, have you been to the Blue Route Taco Truck on top of Whole Foods?

E: What?! Rooftop tacos?

Whole Foods Taco Truck

C: You got it! It's Philadelphia's largest Whole Foods Market and Café, and in the summertime they serve tacos on the roof.

E: We need to go to Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Whole Foods Taco Truck

Don't miss out! Plymouth Meeting offers something for everyone. In addition to carrying your favorite brands and ideal dining options, the mall is family-friendly too.

Plymouth Meeting Mall Carousel

With plenty of children's retail and even a working carousel, the Plymouth Meeting Mall has opportunities for the whole gang to enjoy. 

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