Meet Local Business Owners

Small business owners are the backbone of our communities. They are the folks driving our towns forward. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced these business owners to adapt to a new normal. We asked small business owners in Montgomery County, PA to tell us how their business has been affected by the coronavirus and how they are finding new ways to grow and provide for their communities. 

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lucky well chad headshot

Chad Rosenthal | The Lucky Well, Ambler 

Chad Rosenthal is the owner and chef at the Lucky Well in Ambler. Hear how his restaurant adapted to outdoor dining and delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch here

regina marie designs headshot

Lisa Dull & Regina Ewer  | Regina Marie Designs, Skippack 

Lisa Dull and Regina Ewer of Regina Marie Designs in Skippack tell us how their business is helping the local art community during COVID-19. Watch here.

black reserve bookstore headshot

Shaykh Anwar Muhammad  | The Black Reserve Bookstore, Lansdale 

Shaykh Anwar Muhammad, owner of The Black Reserve Bookstore in Lansdale, talks about how the coronavirus helped the local community get reacquainted with books and his store. Watch here

annamarie's place good headshot

Annamarie Chestnut  | Annamarie's, Royersford

Annamarie Chestnut, owner of Annamarie's in Royersford, talks about adapting her restaurant to serve customers during COVID-19 and how she is bringing people back together with food. Watch here.

tony laguda good headshot

Frank Laguda  | Tony Laguda Formal Wear, Ambler 

Frank Laguda of Ambler's Tony Laguda Formal Wear tells us how COVID-19 affected his family business, including losing business during prom season and learning to make masks. Watch here.  

floral and hardy headshot

Lowell Steinberg  | Floral & Hardy, Skippack 

Owner of Floral & Hardy, Lowell Steinberg, tells us how his garden and event center is bringing joy to his community during the pandemic. Watch here.  

exhibit b gallery headshot good one from 2020

Harry Boardman  | Exhibit B Gallery, Souderton

Harry Boardman, owner of Exhibit B Gallery in Souderton, talks about adapting his business during COVID-19, as well as what his community means to him. Watch here.  

timshell coffee headshot

Mary Lou Readinger  | Timshel Coffee, Norristown

Mary Lou Readinger, owner of Timshel Coffee, talks about owning the shop with her daughter and her passion for supporting the Norristown community. Watch here.

dean and deliah market headshot

Dena Reeves  | Deliah and Dean, Pottstown

Dena Reeves, owner of Deliah and Dean, talks about being an essential business during COVID-19 and how she is helping her people in her community live healthier lifestyles. Watch here.  

joseph ambler inn headshot good one

Rich Allman  | Joseph Ambler Inn, North Wales

Owner of the Joseph Ambler Inn, Rich Allman, tells us how he got his staff back to work after COVID-19 and how the Joseph Ambler Inn continues to be an important place in his customers' lives. Watch here.