Seasonal Drinks

There are few things as effective at counteracting a nippy fall breeze as a sip of something infused with the rich taste of harvest. Drink up and enjoy the flavors of the fall. 

Black Powder Tavern

Black Powder TavernThis fall, Black Powder Tavern will be featuring a selection of 10 new fall cocktails hand-crafted by Thomas Deems (pictured).  One of the new cocktails is called "Pumpkin Time Again" which features Pearl Vodka, Kahlua, pumpkin spice creamer and clove.

The Farmer's Daughter


The mixologists at The Farmer's Daughter have skillfully crafted a magnificent martini to guard against dipping temperatures. It's an interesting blend of pear and ginger that balances the fruit's natural sugars with a bold dash of fall.

Southern Cross Kitchen


During the autumn, Southern Cross Kitchen unveils its seasonal drink offerings. Last year's fall drinks included "Don't Call Me Brandy" which is made from cognac, apple butter, and apple cider. Another favorite is "Harvest Thyme" which is pictured above and features Bacardi, ginger, pumpkin puree, apple cider, and fresh thyme. Don't you get warm just thinking about it?

Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery


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Cinderella pumpkins, cinnamon and brown sugar give Cardinal Hollow Winery's pumpkin wine its signature flavor. Don't miss out, this wine is only available in the fall.

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