Meet Alexander Hamilton

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Confidante and Chief of Staff to George Washington, astute lawyer and co-author of the Federalist Papers, then first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton was a self-made man who identified as a soldier and preferred to be addressed by his military rank. There may be no documentation for Hamilton studying the sword, but we can be sure he learned to load and fire a musket in St. Croix, where he was born. Trained to be an artillery officer, Hamilton paid for the privilege and became Captain of New York's artillery during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton called for the creation of the Coast Guard, was active in the New York Society for the Manumission of Slavery, and went on to establish a firm fiscal foundation for our fledgling country.


Eben Kuhns as Alexander Hamilton
Eben Kuhns is a Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. In addition to seasonal appearances at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, he may be found at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate portraying George Washington "Washy" Parke Custis and John Anderson, Distillery Manager. American Historical Theatre is delighted to introduce him to new audiences as Alexander Hamilton.

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Meet Alexander Hamilton
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