• Dates: February 24, 2019
  • Location: Keswick Theatre
  • Address: Glenside, PA 19038
  • Time: 7:00 PM
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    "This is where the London African Gospel Choir was born," says founder and director Crystal Kassi. We've turned off a busy SE London street into a secluded enclave ringed by trees and terraced houses, their wooden, brightly painted verandas overlooking a communal garden with seats half-hidden by shrubs. Exchange the UK foliage for palm trees and we could be in Latin America, the Caribbean or Africa. It's a fitting birthplace for a musical venture rooted in community and creative expression, and that's brought African gospel out of the black churches and into the hearts of audiences worldwide.  

    "What makes us different is that we all come from different countries in the African Diaspora," she explains. "We have people from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Zaire, Ivory Coast, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Uganda and the Congo... We all come from different churches as well. The common denominator is our faith, although we welcome everybody."

    What also sets them apart is their repertoire - a dazzling reflection of the choir's diverse membership and that includes secular songs with a positive message. It's the meaning of the words that counts and Paul Simon's Graceland - acclaimed as "one of the most iconic records in rock and roll history" on its release in 1986 - is a perfect fit with its uplifting lyrics and South African rhythms and melodies.

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