I Think Like Midnight w/ Underwater Robots

  • Dates: January 18, 2020
  • Location: The Underground
  • Address: 408 W Main St, Lansdale, PA 19446
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Price: $10
  • Details

    I Think Like Midnight is an instrumental rock band formed by longtime devotees of the lost art of the succinct rock instrumental. Begun as a recording project, guitarist/songwriter Andrew Chalfen (The Trolleyvox, The Wishniaks, Gimme) and drummer Dean Clean Sabatino (The Dead Milkmen, Baby Flamehead) were so pleased with the results that they decided to release the material and put together a full band, recruiting bassist Josh Newman (American Altitude, The Silver Ages, Heyward Howkins Band) and keyboardist Joe Genaro (The Dead Milkmen, Butterfly Joe, Low Budgets).

    Underwater Robots: After years of fruitless cover shows, underappreciated and underwhelming house parties, and, frankly, untapped potential, Underwater Robots have taken up the torch, striving to create a great “American” sound with their forthcoming debut album “Like Frank Sinatra.” With influences from Wilco and The Old 97’s, and following the Americana/Alt traditions of John Prine and Tom Petty, Underwater Robots (affectionately referring to themselves as UWR) clumsily find harmony and balance between Eric Birklebach’s understated acoustic songwriting and Tim Oberholtzer’s bravado. With tongue in cheek lyrics like “wanna quit my day job, wanna write a hit song like Tommy Tu-tone” and “I’m never drinking again….until tonight” it’s clear they know how to write a song without taking themselves too seriously. Rounded out by comping keys from Taj Aya, heavy hitting drummer Bob Gleason, dexterious bassist Joe Mulroy (who swears he’s not actually in the band), and the greenhorn John Sepcie, UWR looks to make a “splash” this summer and beyond.

    Spending the last year working on their debut offering, the Robots gathered their mental and musical supplies and set off for the recording Mecca known as the Headroom Philadelphia, a DIY studio home to many local and regional acts, to craft 11 tracks ranging from whiskey swilling “Thursday Night” to indie quasi-love songs like “Wasted Tuesday,” UWR’s “Like Frank Sinatra” has offerings for any alternative, country, or indie music fan. Designed with progress in mind, these nautical hooligans have high hopes for their future.

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I Think Like Midnight w/ Underwater Robots
  • 408 W Main St
  • Lansdale, PA 19446
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  • The Underground
  • $10