Beekeeping 101

Did you know that you can enjoy honey, beeswax, pollen, and the miracle of bees right in your own backyard? Backyards (and even rooftops) are often excellent locations for beehives. A healthy hive can produce several gallons of delicious, healthful honey every year, and working with bees is tremendously enjoyable. In this one-session workshop, you will gain an introduction to the fascinating world of the honeybee. We will talk about what it takes to keep a busy, productive hive of bees happy; where to get bees of your own; how to set up and maintain a hive; and what types of activities and time commitment are required throughout the year. This is a beginner’s workshop, so no previous knowledge is required. The workshop will include time for Q&A, and a honey tasting! 


Stephanie Bruneau
Beekeeper & Owner, The Benevolent Bee

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Beekeeping 101
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  • Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
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