2018 Lunch and Learn Speaker Series

Lunch and Learn programs are open to the public and take place on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm in the Meeting Room at Valley Forge National Historic Park. Admission is free. Attendees are invited to bring a bag lunch to the sessions. The Valley Forge Park Alliance will provide lemonade.

VFPA Lunch and Learn Summer 2018 Schedule

June 20: The Peale Museum Portraits of Washington's Continental Army Officers

By Karie Diethorn, Chief Curator at Independence National Historical Park
"The Peale Museum Portraits of Washington's Continental Army Officers" will feature a discussion of artist Charles Willson Peale's collection of Revolutionary War portraits painted for display in his Philadelphia Museum and now part of the collection at Independence National Historical Park. These portraits performed an important role in Peale's educational mission for his Philadelphia Museum by representing the qualities of public service and personal sacrifice so essential to the 18th century's Enlightenment concept of leadership in a republic.

June 27: 'From raw, undisciplin'd civilians': The Irony in Fighting the War for America

By Justin Clement, PhD Candidate at University of California Davis
In 1777, new enlistees in the Continental Army signed on for three years or the duration of the war. This became the first major step toward professionalizing the army, which General Washington determined to build upon the European model. Ironically, at the same time the Continentals emulated Prussian infantry, the British army did the opposite. This talk explores the cultural and logistical challenges affecting their separate tactics. In reality, the fighting bore little resemblance to the film and media depictions familiar to most modern viewers.

July 11: Colonial Women for the 21st Century

By Ann Shipley, Museum Educator at Pottsgrove Manor
Just like the story of the Valley Forge encampment, women's history is full of myth and misconceptions. Join Pottsgrove Manor's Museum Educator, Ann Shipley, to bring women's history up to speed in the 21st century.

July 18: Just IMPORTED from LONDON: An Apothecary Shop's Place within the British Empire

By Jennifer Bolton, Park Ranger at Valley Forge National Historical Park
Join Ranger Jennifer Bolton to learn about the difficulties of running an apothecary shop (and medical practice) in adherence to the mercantilist policies of the British Empire. She will explore the products doctors sold, their use and place of origin, and how the commodification of these goods factored into an impending revolution.

July 25: An Unrecognizable America: Life without the Antiquities Act of 1906

By Jonathan Parker, Chief of Interpretation at Valley Forge National Historical Park
What would America look like if Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Petrified Forest, Bryce Canyon and 148 other National Monuments had never been created? Explore the origins of and the current public debate over the Antiquities Act of 1906 - arguably the most significant law in the history of our public lands. Learn about President Teddy Roosevelt's consequential executive action, the function of the Antiquities Act in protecting some of our most treasured public lands, and the recent legal challenges to the law's continued existence.

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