As I write this, I look back over the last year and a half and think about what our wedding couples faced due to the pandemic. They had a rough road but I am pleased to share my theory on how they not only made it through but also found out how to create a new way to celebrate their love and devotion to one another.  It was because of their community.  I found that when people come together and look out for each other, anything is possible. 

I have shared multiple times on my Podcast, Cheers to You! With Brooke Voris, I have been blessed with a family that is all inclusive of one another. I didn’t truly understand the power that it gives when you always have someone on your side until I started my Wedding Planning Business, Brooke Voris Weddings.  I quickly noticed that many of my couples did not have that same support and I wanted to find a way to change that for them.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time especially when some of us are not always on our best behavior and no, I am not talking about bride or groom “zillas”. I am referring to venues and vendors who forget that you need to love your job to be the best at it.

I am fortunate to live in the Valley Forge area of Montgomery Country, PA where it made it very easy for me to find others to partner with that have the same mindset.

As any new business starting out I looked for a group that I could connect with.  Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board stood out amongst all the others.  Not understanding what they fully offered, I went to a new member training and learned about them more.  I was blown away by how much they shared the same philosophy as me. I remember walking out of that meeting thinking “wow they are so nice and are they for real?”  It turns out, the answer is yes, they really are so I became one of their community members immediately and have been very grateful ever since.

I share all of this because this is exactly how we made it through the pandemic.  Everyone adjusted and worked as a team.  We all looked out for one another and helped our couples get through what may have been the hardest year and a half of their lives.  We got very creative and hosted weddings of all sorts.  Businesses adjusted to keep people safe but still allow for a beautiful day for all to enjoy.  When needed, they worked with people to make the difficult decision to postpone and in some cases even cancel their weddings.  They helped couples with grace to make these decisions instead of just focusing on the bottom line when in a world of frenzy and desperation that wasn’t everyone’s experience.

The Montgomery County area has all that you would ever need to plan the most amazing wedding you can think of.  There is so much to do that you can absolutely create an experience for your guests unlike any other.  When you put a variety of restaurants, fabulous hotels, The King of Prussia Mall stocked with stores that would accommodate anyone’s needs and some of the most breathtaking venues and ceremony sites you have ever seen, is surely a recipe for a successful wedding.  In addition to our glorious Valley Forge National Park and our salons and spas that pamper you, what else do you need... oh wait, there is more.  We have Valley Forge Casino, Elmwood Park Zoo, walking and riding trails (both bikes and horses) the list just keeps on going. 

You may be saying to yourself, okay Brooke, so what is the recipe for success exactly?  The recipe for a successful wedding is to find the community of people that are in it with you and that have a true passion and love for what they do but also have the options to allow you to make it your version of perfect. 

What are you waiting for? Come and explore what this amazing community will be able to do for you.

Cheers to you!

- Brooke Voris

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