In a world full of change, there’s one constant that stays the same in Montgomery County. Places serving a great breakfast. Breakfast at any time of day is the best part, and with these five cafes, you’ll never go hungry, at any time of day!

First Watch is located at 721 S. Trooper Road and is a creator of a quick and yummy breakfast. Trendy and nutritious or both, with avocado toast, whole-grain bagels and eggs, and delicious French toasts and waffles. 


Add in their array of special juices and tonics and you’ve got a breakfast fit for a queen and ready to take on the day. 


And don’t miss the Million Dollar Breakfast Sandwich or the Million Dollar Bacon—slices of their signature hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne, and maple syrup.


And since we are talking French Toast, don’t miss their sunshine on a plate: Floridian French Toast. Thick-cut brioche with wheat germ and powdered cinnamon sugar, covered with fresh banana, kiwi, and seasonal berries. Or the seasonal Caramel Pecan Cinnamon roll—it’s to die for. First Watch has locations in Audubon, Wayne, Exton, and Villanova.


Well Fed, located at 4006 W Skippack Pike in Skippack, has a whole host of breakfast items, but we are talking French toast today, so try the Berry French Toast, Banana Bread French Toast, or the Caramel Apple French Toast. 


They also have amazing pancakes, scrambles, omelets, and egg platters. You’ve got to try the Chicken and Waffles with Hot Honey-Fried Chicken over waffles, and a drizzle of St. Lucifer Honey. 


Main Street Café, located at 263 Main Street in Royersford, is a family-run restaurant. We have been serving breakfast & lunch to Royersford residents and visitors for the past ten years.


 At Main Street Cafe, they offer traditional home-cooked breakfasts, especially their breakfast sandwiches, omelets, pancakes, and French Toast. Their Crunchy French Toast is dipped in a tasty batter, then rolled in a secret crunchy coating. What could be better?!


Sabrina’s Café, located at 50 E Wynnewood Road in Wynnewood, has cornered the market on brunch—get a French Toast Latte along with your French Toast. Go for elegant and low-key and enjoy the scratch dishes from the kitchen.


In keeping with the season, they are currently offering delicious Challah French toast with pumpkin mascarpone cheese filling topped with whipped cream and drizzled with warm caramel raisin sauce as well as their Cannoli French Toast, topped with cannoli cream, wild berry sauce, cannoli shell crumbles, whipped cream.


Sabrina’s Café has locations in Wynnewood, the Art Museum area, University City, and Collingswood. 


The Sunshine Café in Limerick is standing unobtrusively on the side of the road, across from Goose’s Cigars at 207 Ridge Pike, and yet, when you go inside, the place explodes over you with happy people talking and eating, and the scent of bacon and eggs. 


Head into the café and you’ll eat so well you won’t be hungry for at least a day. Try the breakfast sandwiches, their omelets, or the French Toast- like the Pecan Praline French Toast.


At Sunshine, you’ll be super happy with whatever you select. 


What are you waiting for—it’s time for breakfast!



Remember to observe any COVID-19 protocols for indoor dining or curbside pickup. 

french toast





french toast