Saint Francis de Sales, the Bishop of Geneva in the sixteenth century is credited with the quote, “bloom where you are planted.”

In 2020, a year that won’t soon be forgotten, Forest & Main Brewing Company in Ambler is putting a slight twist on the phrase as they brew where they are planted.

  • Eight years ago, Daniel Endicott and Gerard Olson opened Forest & Main Brewing Company in a Victorian Style house built in the 1880’s. Much like the town of Ambler, Forest & Main has grown but always kept its charm and personality. They expanded their dining hall and opened “Forest and Main New Space” for live music acts and puppets, too.

Forest & Main Brewing Company has earned the admiration of beer geeks and Philadelphia Inquirer Food and Drink Critic, Craig LaBan. Here is what he said about his visit in early March:

 “I was delighted to find access, by draft and bottle, to a range of the elegant Saisons and excellent English-style bitters, stouts, and milds that have made Daniel Endicott and Gerard Olson’s brewery one of the region’s best.”


Since the brewery is entwined with the town it’s become a place for people to gather around the tables or at the bar. Then the coronavirus pandemic happened. Forest & Main Brewing Company transitioned to packaging beer in cans, bottles or kegs for deliveries and to-go. Also, Forest & Main Brewing Company has set up shop at the Ambler Farmers’ Market and Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market.

“They have actually been really great this year,” commented Olsen.

Forest & Main Brewing Company is always brewing something new. Some of the most popular types are IPA and funkier Saisons. During the pandemic they started canning their British style pub beers.

“Our commitment to who we are and the types of beers we like to make are what we are passionate about,” said Olsen. “Our personalities really come through in what we make and do.”

In October, they started offering honey. One of their employees is a beekeeper and manages some hives. Honey from the hives has been incorporated into certain beers like Collective Consciousness (a 5% Honey Saison⁣). Also, they packaged the honey in small jars.

“It’s not a typical ingredient but a lot of craft breweries use it in certain ways,” explained Olsen. “It captures the local character of Forest & Main. The honey is from a few miles down the road. The yeast we use in the beers is cultured from wild yeast on the property. It’s a true reflection of our time and place.”


In October, they started offering honey. One of their employees is a beekeeper and manages some hives.

Who they are isn’t only on the inside of the bottle, but it’s on the outside. Endicott designs the colorful, eye-catching label for each beer. Customers of Forest & Main Brewing Company comment on how the labels are unique and not quite what you would expect to be wrapped around a beer. “It really reflects our brand and who we are,” said Olsen.

Forest & Main Brewing Company
61 N. Main St. ⁣⁣
Ambler, Pa. 19002.