Check out everything you need to know before you tee off at Topgolf in King of Prussia!


Time to dust off your golf skills because Topgolf has come to King of Prussia! Whether you’re a golf pro or a total beginner, check out what to expect when teeing up at Topgolf.

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Getting to the Green

Conveniently located along Route 422, Topgolf in King of Prussia allows anyone to enjoy a relaxing time at the green without the intimidation or time commitment of a golf club. Day or night, you can’t miss the impressive Topgolf building as you approach. You can make an online reservation, or simply walk-in for golfing on a whim. You can also book golfing bays for events like birthdays or professional meetings.

When you enter, attendants will fit you with the perfect bay on one of three levels. If you’ve got time before your game starts, check out the full bar and restaurant for classic American fare and an extensive drink menu.


Topgolf Interior Restaurant

Teeing Up

Each bay has a table and seating for everyone to relax between swings. They also have a personal gameplay screen where you set up gameplay and check scores. From this screen you can choose your desired length of playtime, player number, and games. With 12 unique games, a first timer may be unsure of which to pick but Topgolf provides a helpful guide to help you find the perfect game for your skill level and mood. From playing a fun minigame to practicing your golf swing, Topgolf allows you to show off your skills even as a beginner. Kid-friendly games are also available to keep your little ones entertained. The best part of it all is enjoying food and drink as you play!

Topgolf KOP bays

Get Swinging

Topgolf provides golf clubs of different lengths and types, but you are also permitted to bring your own clubs. As you look out onto the impressive green area in front of you, you will see targets of different sizes, positions, distances, and colors. Hit off the green or the tee and aim for your desired target.

The classic Topgolf game is a great place to start for a first timer. Each player gets 21 swings and the distance of the target and how close you get to its center flag determines your score. The player with the most points wins! Topgolf’s innovative ball tracing technology allows you to see swing stats, gameplay, turn order, and points which makes it the perfect place to improve your swing. Play as many games as you’d like within your bay’s time frame!


The Final Hole

Once your bay time is wrapping up, you will pay your bill with an attendant. Pricing depends on time spent in the bay and is added to your food and drink bill. Once you finish up your final game, hang up your clubs and head out to start planning your next Topgolf adventure!