The rebirth of small towns in Montco is strong, and we have to thank the foodies! In Pottstown, the High Street Terminal and other great restaurants along High Street and the downtown area have made Pottstown the place to be for excellent food and drinks.

And if you don’t know about the High Street Terminal, here’s an introduction: the High Street Terminal is a food court, shopping area, and a hangout, all with three things in common—great food, shopping, and the love of small businesses.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything better that puts shopping, seafood, burgers, pasta, steaks, vodka, and many other hot crave-able items together under one roof!

Like Dani Bee Funky. She just opened May 1 and says Pottstown has been amazing! “I think that world is starting to open up and people want to be out and be together. Dani Bee Funky will have fresh flower bouquets all summer long, easy to take care of plants, and funky and unique gifts!” owner Dani Small says.

One fun aspect to DBF is their workshops and parties. “We just held a terrarium party for a birthday girl where we built succulent terrariums and carnivorous bogs! It was a blast. Last week, master Randall Naftal was in for a free bonsai demonstration, but will be holding workshops all summer long,” she explains. You can register online and then see the variety of workshops.

Owner Hiram Quintana at Sizzle is so excited summer is coming. “The spring has been wonderful since the weather broke and restrictions started to ease. The foot traffic has definitely picked up,” he says.

Their Wagyu burgers are locally sourced wagyu beef from Stony Run Farms in Spring City. Each burger has its own fan base, if you can believe it! “We add a new burger in once in a while to see if it’s a fan favorite. We also have a new summer sizzle menu in the works,” he says. “Sizzle has also launched a mobile food truck this spring as well for any event or occasion as well.”

He says customer base has been gradually drawing with new faces each week. “The concept is growing in popularity because of the customer base. Pottstown is our home and Sizzle is a part of making the Terminal a dining destination.”

If you want a good cocktail or just want a smooth vodka…Kiki Vodka is your place. Probably the best infused vodkas I have ever enjoyed. Owner John Jameson is seeing business pickup now that summer is here, especially with their amazingly delicious, canned Kiki Elderberry Lemonade seltzers. “The spring has started to pick up especially with the weather breaking. There has been a few more vendors added in the terminal, so we are expecting a good summer overall,” Jameson explains. “They also will be featuring some new infused vodkas. As for the customers, they are extremely happy to be back on location. After the past year all of our customers are just happy to be out of the house!”

If you haven’t tried Kings Seafood & Pasta, you must go now! Crab legs, lobster rolls, the list goes on and on and the customers are in LUV!

Their summertime specials include free water ice with any purchase (I need this!), fried fish Fridays, and lobster rolls. “Our customer base is very friendly,” Kings says. “We treat our customers like we would our friends and family. We’ve established positive relationships with our customers and consistently provide fresh quality seafood to keep them coming back.”

Excellent customer service is what has kept the terminal going throughout the pandemic,  and now people are coming back in more often now that restrictions are lifted. It’s a place where you can see friends and get a little bit of everything and different kinds of cuisines.

High Street Steaks owners Jim and Suz say that the last year was really rough, and they lost a few vendors in the terminal because of the pandemic. Over the past several months there has been a steady rebirth as new vendors have moved in and opened shop.

“We have seen a steady increase in foot traffic and each month has been better than the one before. We at High Street Steaks have just celebrated our 18th month in business and look forward to a return to normalcy,” they said. “The best thing about being a part of the HST market is the combined sense of purpose as we strive to impress and earn the support and loyalty of our town and dining community.”

The High Street Terminal is located at 300 E. High Street in. Pottstown, PA, with a variety of places to eat and shop. Go visit them and #MakeItMontco!