September 28 is a significant anniversary for football fans: The first night game was played on that date in 1892 in upstate Pennsylvania. The game began at 6:45 p.m. as daylight faded, and as dusk came full on, a 4,300-pound generator kicked on, powering the illumination equivalent of 40,000 candles. The gathering gloom and fog were pushed to the sidelines, and play continued.

To the dismay of the crowd, however, the electricity powering the 20 lamps was clearly the only spark on the field. The contest between Mansfield State Normal and Wyoming Seminary ended in a disappointing 0-0 tie.

But the commemoration of the ability to play at night (no, TV fans, it wasn't a Monday night game; it was a Wednesday) can put a jolt in The Pursuit of a playbook for an electrifying weekend.

The following events are all scheduled for Saturday, September 28.

A football is sometimes still referred to as a pigskin, a reflection of its leather construction. And who knows piggies better than Mother Goose? Carol Spacht, a Blue Bell resident renown for playing Mother Goose at the Please Touch Museum (among other gigs) will greet children at Pennypacker Mills for a program of rhymes and stories. Mama Gee will also have her goose with her (relax, it's a puppet), making this the perfect photo op for your three- to five-year-olds.

Pennypacker Mills

The defensive move of "jamming the receiver" can be an effective pass-coverage strategy. The artistic move of attending the Souderton Art Jam is an effective way to spend a day at Souderton Community Park browsing fine art from local talent. Enjoy the food, music, demos and interactive displays at an admission fee that can't be beat: free.

The distinctive blast of a ref's whistle draws football plays to a halt. The distinctive chirp of the birds of Montgomery County will provide a tuneful soundtrack to the Upper Perkiomen Bird and Wildlife Festival at Green Lane Park. You'll see live falconry demonstrations (boo, Atlanta!), a monarch butterfly tagging and even a bird-calling contest, which we assume doesn't mean reaching LeSean McCoy on his cellphone.

What Philadelphia Eagles fan can't bellow the "Fly, Eagles, Fly" theme song at the top of his or her lungs? Flight, not surprisingly, is the theme of the Airport Community Day at Pottstown Municipal Airport. Up in the air, a skydiving demonstration will be worth craning your neck for. And children ages 8-17 can take wing in a free airplane ride. Closer to the ground, there will be aircraft on display, games, giveaways, paper airplane contests and information on learning to fly.

QB gets into position behind the center and barks: "686 Pump F-Stop on two. Set. Hike-hike!" And play begins. You can also shout hike at Valley Forge National Historical Park, setting forth on its 28 miles of trails. These hiking and biking paths, however, need constant attention. You can join in that effort by volunteering for National Public Lands Day (NPLD), a 20-year-old program that engages the general public in caring for our outdoor treasures on a national basis. The Valley Forge celebration includes various projects (more than just trail work), lots of education about why you're doing what you're doing, a team leader to show you how and a BBQ lunch afterward. Volunteer Program Manager Ernestine White spoke to us at length about the important contributions of NPLD in our edition of The Pursuit earlier this week.

National Public Lands Day at Valley Forge

After you've tackled all this, you might be ready for a time out. If you'd like to check out our playbook of available accommodations and find a place to touchdown for the weekend, it's here.