March 30 marks an interesting anniversary in the annals of television history, the 1964 premier of the game show "Jeopardy" on NBC. This daytime version originally had host Art Fleming asking the "answers," with Don Pardo announcing. Of course, those roles have been filled since 1984 by Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert.

So in tribute, as we make recommendations for this weekend for those In Pursuit of things to do:

This. Is. Montco! <> Let's get started.

"Things to Do for $200, please?"

Answer: Wharton Esherick, talented Montgomery County sculptor whose primary medium was wood, became known as the "Dean of American..." this.

Question: What is craftsmen?


The Wharton Esherick Museum is currently housing the display "Spring Exhibition, Wharton & Henry: An Inspiring Pair." The referenced "Henry" is Henry Varnum Poor (of the family that co-founded Standard & Poor's), who distinguished himself in the medium of ceramics. Poor's frescoes include the one in the Old Main Building at Pennsylvania State University, a work covering 1,300 square feet. Poor and Esherick were contemporaries... and friends. This exhibit highlights their individual genius and their collective impact on the worlds of art, design and craft. The exhibition closes June 22.

Wharton Esherick Studio Museum

 "Umm... Things to Do for $400."

Answer: This Philadelphia impressionist and comedian was once an announcer on the Nickelodeon game show Finders Keepers.

Question: Who is Joe Conklin?


Conklin is appearing March 28 at The Keswick Theater, centerpiece of an evening entitled "Joe Conklin & The City All-Stars of Comedy." The program includes the local "man of a thousand voices" (his repertoire includes Andy Reid, Charlie Manuel, Cole Hamels, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, John Facenda, Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger), aided by local funny people Nicky Attitude, Dennis Horan, Joey Callahan and Sudsy. The evening benefits the Abington Police Athletic League.

"Let's try Things to Do for $600."

Answer: Of all the written accounts of the Revolutionary War, the fourth regiment from this state kept one of the most detailed, providing an excellent account of life in the Continental Army.

Question: What is Pennsylvania?

Sorry, no.

Question: What is Rhode Island?



No one? Nobody going to ring in again? The correct question is: What is Connecticut?

The Fourth Connecticut Regiment comes to life March 29-30 at Valley Forge National Historical Park in a program titled "Patience & Fidelity: A Unique Living History Reenactment." Both days are full of demonstrations and examples of the day-do-day task of fighting a war for independence more than 200 years ago. Learn how the encampment ate, how the men soldiered, and what their cleanliness and appearance standards were. Then get ready for the explosive excitement of a genuine musket demonstration. Hold your ears! Fire!

"Sticking with Things to Do, $800."

Answer: This comedian-turned-director was part of Chicago's Second City Improvisational troupe and went on to SCTV, where he played Maurice "Moe" Green.

Question: Who is Dave Thomas?

Ooh, sorry. No. That'll cost you.

Question: Who is Harold Ramis?


Ramis, who passed away a few weeks ago, is being memorialized by The Colonial Theater in a March 30 marathon of his most famous writing/acting/directorial film comedies. Animal House is first on the bill ("Toga! Toga!"), followed by Caddyshack ("It's in the hole! It's in the hole!") and Stripes ("That's the fact, Jack!" "That's the fact, Jack!").  Come, enjoy, laugh and remember. Colonial Theatre

"And let's finish the category, TTD for $1,000."

Answer: Schubert String Quartet D.18 was written in this key.

Question: What is G minor?

That's right for $1,000!

The Shubert String Quartet in G minor is part of the March 30 concert program at Glencairn Museum. The musicians of the Wister Quartet - comprising Lloyd Smith, cello; Nancy Bean, violin; Davyd Booth, violin; and Che-Hung Chen, viola - will serenade visitors with other selections from Rachmaninov and Dvorak. Since its formation in 1987, the Grammy-nominated Wister Quartet has earned high praise from critics and audiences for its superb musicianship.

Glencairn Museum's Great Hall Let's now go to final Jeopardy. Today's final Jeopardy category is: Local Accommodations and Dining

And the answer is: This organization is the go-to source for visitors to Montgomery County, providing detailed and insightful recommendations for guests seeking first-class rooms and restaurants that showcase the area's most talented chefs.

Question: What is the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Correct! Our website can guide you to hotel options that are anything but a consolation prize. We also list wonderful eateries, including, for example, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, whose beer is brewed in-house and tested by a proprietary brewmeister before being served.