...and welcome back to station WCVB, 1777.78 on your AM radio dial. I'm your host, Yankee Diddy Dandy, and we'll pause our current string of hits for this news break. Let's begin "The Pursuit" of a look at the headlines:

First up is the report of a series of strange disappearances involving prominent Londoners in the Fleet Street section of the city. Police remain baffled. A neighborhood resident, Mrs. Nellie Lovett, proprietress of a nearby pie shop, had no comment when asked if she believed foul play was a factor. Detectives on the case are centering their investigation on the Playcrafters of Skippack August 8-18 and are interested in questioning a local barber by the name of Sweeney Todd.

Ambler TheaterNext up, we turn to the City of Angels, where a construction worker claims that a significant portion of the population has been taken over by aliens who, he asserts, are intent on total human domination. Interestingly, he is among the only citizens able to see the visitors from another world, thanks to a pair of special sunglasses. He then sets out on a mission to save the world. Skeptics about this tale can discover the truth for themselves at the Ambler Theater on August 11 with a screening of They Live. The afternoon presentation includes a post-film discussion, quizzes and prizes.

A breakfast behemoth will be on display at the 4-H Fair August 8-10 in Creamery, Pa. The world's largest sausage patty - weighing in at 115 pounds and measuring six feet in diameter - is just one of a number of draws at the fair, which will include demonstrations, displays, music, food, livestock and information on animal science. This year's schedule includes a garden-themed baking contest, a fabric sale and a pet show with awards for distinctions that include best costumer, best pet trick (take that, David Letterman) and smallest/largest pet. Visitors can also meet and greet the participants in the 4-H Seeing Eye Dog program, whose volunteer efforts on the blind were profiled earlier this week in The Pursuit.




Let's turn to traffic: A collection of classic cars is scheduled to make its way through Main Street in Collegeville, Sunday, August 11, part of the Collegeville Fire Company's 14th annual show. The motorcade, expected to stretch for two blocks between Third and Fifth Avenues, will culminate with judging along classes that include street rod, truck, antique (pre-1969), and specialty (fire truck, duck boat, etc.).

Now for sports. The North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) will hold the Philadelphia Brotherly Love Classic 2013  tournament at Competitive Edge Sports August 10-11. 36 teams from up and down the eastern seaboard will battle it out in an exciting series of brackets. V-ball fans can watch the fast and furious action up close for free, cheering each underhand, skyball and top-spin serve.

And that does it for the news, which has been brought to you by the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau and its ongoing Weekends Rule! campaign. Take advantage of the attractions, events, open spaces and fun places in Montgomery County, Pa., and plan to stay here two, three, four times a week.

Back to the music! Here's "Paul Revere and the Raiders" with Kicks.

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