Boyertown, PA: the picture of small-town charm. Located just across the Montgomery County border in Berks County, Boyertown has everything locals and day-trippers alike need to make the most of their time out on the town. Recently, members of our team at the VFTCB made the trip out and found that there is something for everyone who comes to visit Boyertown. 

The Colebrookdale Railroad is Boyertown’s premiere locomotive excursion. Nestled in the heart of Boyertown, the railroad has been a staple fixture in the community since the 18th century all the way until today. The train takes passengers on a journey from Boyertown to Pottstown through the Secret Valley. Picturesque foliage and the wonders of nature whirling past transports you back in time to the age of America’s pioneers (they used to ride these babies for miles!).

Boyertown Railroad VFTCB

The next stop was The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, which takes you back to the time when each vehicle was once deemed as the most ground-breaking piece of technology of its era.

Boyertown Historic Vehicles Museum VFTCBThe museum tells a tale through their collection of vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, carriages, and more. Kendra Cook, curator, and manager of the museum, took us on an accelerated tour showing us some of the most popular vehicles as well as some new exhibits.

Among the various additions to the museum, including a live blacksmith exhibit, she was proud to inform us that they were in the process of installing an elevator to make the facility ADA accessible.

The group favorites were the 1921 Sunoco gas station, the actual 1938 Fegely’s Reading Diner, and an 1870 two horse hearse.

Taylor Backes Glass Blowing Studio was another unique stop in Boyertown. Artists Will Dexter and Karla Trinkey cofounded the studio to continue to express their individual artistic styles and collaborate with other artists to create truly unique glass works.

The studio itself has both a gallery and an active (and hot) glass blowing studio. The gallery is filled with seemingly thousands of works including their renowned “Glass Tears”. They also create commissioned works and offer tours of the studio.

Customers can browse the magnificent colorful, detailed works and even set up an appointment to learn and create their own unique glass creation.

Boyertown Taylor Backes VFTCB

Another crafty shop in Boyertown is Dancing Tree Creations Artisans' Gallery & Studio. Featuring beautiful handcrafted works by North American artisans, the Dancing Tree is ideal for gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Resident artists and co-owners Lyn and Beth Camella-Rich build personal relationships with each artist in their gallery, so you know every piece is handled with the utmost care.

For a truly sweet treat, make sure to stop by The Peppermint Stick Candy Store.

Stocked with nostalgic penny candy, decadent chocolate truffles and the most delicious gummy bears (the pink grapefruit was a hit), the Peppermint Stick is a family favorite in the heart of Boyertown. Owner Rachael Kehler opened the old-fashioned candy store because of her own childhood memories buying penny candy at Zern’s Farmers Market in Montco, and the location in historic Boyertown, adjacent to the Colebrookdale Railroad, was the perfect spot for the Peppermint Stick.

Boyertown Peppermint Stick VFTCB

Boyertown Twin Turrets VFTCBLooking to stay in town overnight? Then you'll definitely want to check out The Twin Turrets Inn, which is owned by none other than the mayor of Boyertown, Marianne Deery.

The building was built in 1865 for Horace Boyer. After many years of operation, the inn was renovated and restored in 1988. The Twin Turrets Inn has 10 unique guest rooms that have been named and dedicated to important figures in Boyertown history. Every guest who walks through the door will get to enjoy a homemade breakfast made by Marianne and her team.

Boyertown is idyllic in that it perfectly embraces all the good things about small town living. In a town that feels almost untouched by time, Boyertown has managed to bring the best parts of small-town life and 21st century living together seamlessly.