Novelist Lucy Maude Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) once wrote: "I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."

The steady turn of calendar pages means that we never find out. But as June nears its exit, there are still plenty of things to engage, involve, delight and entertain those in "The Pursuit" of a memorable weekend.hikebike1

  • June 29 begins the Tour de France's 100th edition, taking racers on a nearly 2,200-mile trek from Porto-Veccio, Corsica, to Paris. For a less-challenging and more educational ride, saddle up for one of the bicycle tours of Valley Forge National Historical Park. They begin this Saturday (June 29), covering about five miles and a ton of interesting history. Don't have a bike? No problem; they're rentable.
  • The tradition of British farce in the theater goes back centuries, but this weekend, it gets a 21st century twist in Skippack. Caught in the Net - a comedy involving marital two-timing, hidden secrets, flimsy lies and chance meetings over the Internet - opens June 27 Playcrafters in Skippack. Catch what The London Times called 2004's "...funniest play of the year."
  • If you were a fan of TV's Little House on the Prairie and thought that Oleson's Mercantile would be a fun place to explore (the coffee grinder! the candy jars! the mail cubbyholes!), be sure to visit Pennypacker Mills. This Saturday and Sunday (June 29-30) you can step inside a recreation of a traditional general store and learn what a poke was, long before it became something you do to Facebook friends. The program, which includes a lesson on Spencerian Script (a 19th Century penmanship style), is free.
    • Want a set of beach-worthy abs? Give them a strenuous workout at the Comedy Cabaret at Valley Forge Casino Resort on June 29. The laughs will come fast and furious with a double headliner show featuring:
      • Taylor Mason, self-described writer, performer, singer-songwriter, ventriloquist, comedian, entertainer, rock'n'roller, blogger, political observer, author, puppeteer, pianist and entertainer.
      • Jay Black, veteran of Showtime, A&E, Fox, the CBC, and NBC. Black was co-writer on the 2013 comedy film How Sweet it Is.

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  • In our high-tech world, you might think that teens express themselves only online, but you'd be wrong. For a surprising exhibition of the work of high-school woodcrafters, check out the winning entries in "Imprint 2013," the student woodblock print competition at the Wharton Esherick Museum. The display, opening June 30, shows the top-winning artisans as evaluated by a jury of museum staff, professional artists and art teachers.