Columbus sailed the ocean blue
In fourteen-hundred ninety-two
Even if Monday's not a day off for you
There's no shortage of fun things to do

The Schuylkill River Festival is October 12 at Riverfront Park and College Drive in Pottstown. Kayak sessions are available throughout the day for a two-mile paddle on the Schuylkill River. If you choose to name your particular vessel the Niña, Pinta or Santa Maria, you're certainly welcome to. The waterfront event features an historic walk led by Pottsgrove Manor and a unique stone-skipping contest. Children can enjoy pony rides, a petting zoo, crafts, face painting and magic. Food, music and a beer garden round out a full day riverside.

Bikers in Riverfront Park

Bikers riding through Riverfront Park in Pottstown

Columbus' voyage could be called a 1492 version of a world tour. Steve Hackett, guitarist/vocalist for Genesis, is currently on a 2013 world musical tour, which sails into the Keswick Theater this weekend. So enthusiastic has been the response that a second night has been added to this stop. If you're a fan, this is one of your last opportunities to see Hackett in the U.S.; he is soon to voyage back over the ocean blue to the U.K.

As is common for seafarers even today, Columbus' crew was a superstitious lot, given to fanciful stories of mermaids and sea monsters. King of Prussia Mall this weekend (and every weekend until November 3) is being invaded by a monster of its own, The Creature. This enormous lizard (150 feet in length) thankfully has been "chained" to the surface of the parking lot outside Lord and Taylor, but it's toothy maw is open and ready to swallow whole the curious and the brave.

Food preservation was essential to those aboard the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. Demonstration of Colonial food preservation techniques are part of the Fall Harvest activities at Peter Wentz Farmstead on Saturday, October 12. Explore the traditional chores performed during the autumn harvest on a colonial farm. Visit the garden, spend time in the summer kitchen, experience open-hearth cooking and join the farmers in the barn as they shell corn and press apples for cider.

When Columbus landed in the Bahamian Islands in 1492, he and his men also discovered strange and surprising foods unknown to Europe at the time: Fish and wild fowl (turkey) were the main sources of meat. Other regional crops included cacao (chocolate), maize, potato, tomato, capsicum, peppers, cassava, pumpkins, and groundnuts (peanuts). Tropical fruits enhanced the native diet, such as pineapple, avocado, guava, and papaya. A variety of foods (perhaps some unfamiliar to you) is the centerpiece of the first ever Norristown Restaurant Festival on Saturday, October 12. Held on the lawn of the Montgomery County Courthouse, this free event also includes a car show.

If all this activity leaves you with the feeling that you'd like to find safe harbor in which to dock your fleet, our website contains a full list of accommodations.