Sunday, January 10, marks the publication date of Thomas Paine's Common Sense, a 48-page pamphlet that had a significant effect on our fight for freedom. Two days off from the regular workweek provide plenty of free time to explore Montgomery County, site of numerous milestones in the quest for independence.

Opening Weekend - Spring Mountain Adventures


Spring Mountain has a fresh coat of powder for opening weekend.


Mother Nature's cooperation in getting Spring Mountain Adventures ready for skiers has been somewhat (ahem) lukewarm until now. But on January 8, the first skiable weekend comes to Schwenksville. Friday's hours of operation are 3:30-9 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, the mountain is open for schussing from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Unfortunately, tubing is not yet available but will be soon.

Distaff Day - Pottsgrove Manor


Distaff Day at Pottsgrove Manor features traditional spinning demonstrations.


Before "spinning" was a class at the gym, it was a necessary task for Colonials, producing thread for sewing and weaving. Distaff day marked the official end to holiday celebrations in Europe, when the more mundane duties associated with running a household were again taken up in earnest. Pottsgrove Manor revives the tradition on January 9 with up-close-and-personal demonstrations of this vintage art.

The N Crowd Improv - Steel River Playhouse


Improv comedy troupe The N Crowd comes to the Steel River Playhouse on Saturday.


Steel River Playhouse hosts the improv troupe The N Crowd on January 9, unleashing its unique blend of sharp wit, wacky characters, pop cultural iconoclasm and slapstick humor. As our blogger discovered, the audience is absolutely essential to the success of these shows, so attendees should come with their creative juices operating at warp speed... or warped speed.

Great Horned Owl - Norristown Farm Park


Norristown Farm Park hosts a winged visitor from Elmwood Park Zoo this Sunday.


Hoot and holler over one of nature's most interesting birds at Norristown Farm Park on January 10. Elmwood Park Zoo brings one of its owls to Norristown Farm Park for a meet-and-greet, including plenty of information on behavior, feeding, nesting and life cycle.

Winter Wellness Walk - Morris Arboretum


The Morris Arboretum's Winter Wellness Walks return starting Saturday morning.


Take your first steps in 2016 to a healthier you: Come out for a brisk walk through the serene pathways of Morris Arboretum. The pace will get your heart rate up, but the hyper-oxygenated air from all the plant life will have you feeling exhilarated. The January 9 session begins at the Widener Visitor Center at 10:30 a.m.

Coloring for Adults - Painting with a Twist


Painting with a Twist offers serveral public classes this weekend.


One of the hottest trends in stress reduction is coloring for adults. Painting with a Twist, Skippack, is hosting a night of brilliant hues, companionship and (if desired) wine and cheese brought from home. The two hours that follow are sure to produce not only a Technicolor masterpiece but also a night of close friendships.

Classic Film Noir - The Colonial Theatre


The Colonial Theatre brings a classic back to the big screen on Wunday.


The role of media in not only reporting events but also shaping them has become a topic of much discussion lately. But way back in 1951, the classic film Ace in the Hole addressed that very issue. The movie, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Kirk Douglas, tells the tale of a miner trapped by an accident and the media circus his rescue eventually becomes. The opening titles at The Colonial Theater begin to roll at 2 p.m. on January 10.