For the Chiaro family, kneading and flipping pizza dough isn’t just second nature, it’s part of their DNA.

“Pizza for us is in the blood,” said Alex Chiaro Operations Manager for Chiaro’s Green Lane, the two-time Montco’s Best Pizza Tournament Champion in 2016 and 2017. “Our family comes from the birthplace of modern pizza in Naples, Italy.”

Chiaro's Pizza Tradition

A true American story, the family first migrated here after World War II, and again in the 1970s. They first opened up their first shop in 1976 in Pennsburg, then Green Lane in 1978, another in Skippack in 1986, and Sellersville in 1988.

“As pizza migrated over to the states and changed, so did the story of the Italian tomato,” Chiaro said. “And, as it grew, and ingredients grew, it spread across the country. Families have an economical meal on a Friday night. It’s a tradition, sharing a meal, breaking bread. Pizza allows us to do that.”

The Chiaro’s make American style – which is larger – and plain is their most popular, with Margherita a close second. 

Chiaro's Pizza

“There’s something about a good, quality base, you don’t have to spice it up,” said Chiaro. “People like our product. After more than 40 years, we must be doing something right. It’s a family atmosphere when you come to eat. People have brought their kids and grandkids. It’s amazing how many people come back after moving away and still remember us. Longevity definitely helps.”

Chiaro's Pizza

Last year, Chiaro’s uncle at Vince & Friends went to the final round in the contest.

“The pizza competition just helped to reintroduce us to the area, and remind people of what they have right here,” Chiaro said. “Plus, it’s an opportunity to get to know the other places. Anybody nominated, changes are they have a pretty quality pie. We appreciate the showcase and being part of the community. Our family and extended family are built around that. With the history in the area, we’re just continuing the American dream.”