Cold getting old? Snow getting you low?

A campaign launched by the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau will cure that
winter-chill buzz-kill, offering a steady stream of fun and vibrant alternatives to seasonal

Cabin Fever RelieverThey're cabin fever relievers, suggestions of activities and sites to visit that will keep you from climbing the walls or overdosing on television repeats until spring. Some of the recommendations are indoors, such as the specialty museums and concert venues that thrive in our area. Others are outdoors, for those who scoff at Old Man Winter and his blustery personality.

"Here in Montgomery County," says bureau president Bill Fitzgerald, "we continually celebrate our uniqueness. And one of the things that makes us so attractive is that we have year-round opportunities for visitors. Other destinations like the Jersey Shore have a tough time when the weather turns cold. But our vibe is just as energetic when the snow flies."

The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of special offers being presented to the region. "We've reached out to our members and asked for deals that have specific value in the December to March timeframe. They have really come through," Fitzgerald says. On our website are downloadable discounts that include rock-bottom room rates and BoGo restaurant offerings.

Information about the campaign - and the associated savings possibilities - has been collected in a full-color brochure. It was distributed at a high-profile media event that kicked off the Cabin Fever Reliever initiative, involving General George and Lady Washington at the King of Prussia Mall. Under the pretext that the First Family was doing some last-minute holiday shopping, an entourage of Continental soldiers handed out the literature to the pre-holiday throngs at the mall. The brochure is also available at local hotels and B&Bs themselves, as well as at the bureau's King of Prussia, Pa., office (1000 First Avenue, Suite 101). George Washington Shops at King of Prussia Mall

A social media component will not only continually energize the program over its 13-week timeframe but also give you the opportunity to win a "cabin" of your own. The bureau is giving away two large-scale wooden play sets that resemble cabins. Visit our Facebook page for updates.

Taking our seasonal suggestions for fun can't make the warmer weather arrive any earlier. But by shaking off the doldrums and enjoying the winter in Montgomery County, a good time is hard to avoid. Your risk of not enjoying yourself is less than that of a snowball's chance in... well, you know.

One effective way to retaliate against restlessness is a simple change of scenery. The different view provided by one of our noteworthy hotels - just think of the splendor of a snowy landscape when viewed from a comfy suite or a cozy B&B - might be just the thing to get you energized.