A new week brings a brand new lineup of awesome live music, hilarious comedy, and wonderful live theater right here in Montgomery County. Check out some of our favorite events happening this week, below

Live Performances



April 5 - 19
Act II Playhouse, Ltd.

A young widower and a recent divorcée take a second chance on love. Starring Tony Braithwaite. "Whimsical and touching and always funny” -New York Post


April 10 - 16
Steel River Playhouse

There is a poor fisherman who lives with his wife in a hovel by the sea. One day the fisherman catches a fish, which claims to be an enchanted prince and begs to be set free. ... When his wife hears the story, she says he ought to have had the fish grant him a wish.


April 12 - 20
DCP Theatre

A children’s storybook has caught the attention of the Alabama State Senate. The Rabbits’ Wedding by Garth Williams presents a controversial idea at a time when segregation still presides. Emily, the Alabama State Librarian, is approached by the Senator and asked to remove the book from the shelves. A powerful piece of literature is about to be banned, but an even more powerful movement in history is about to change the southern town of Montgomery and the relationships there.


March 19 - April 14 ​
Act II Playhouse, Ltd.

by Bernard Slade

The beloved Broadway romantic comedy. George and Doris - married to other people - meet for an annual tryst for 24 years. Starring Tony Braithwaite and Tracie Higgins.

"Genuinely funny and genuinely romantic" -The New York Post