The world of starwatchers would call this a stellar weekend, as meteor activity in the August 11-13 period will be breathtaking.

But even those who aren't interested in the heavens will call this a star-filled end of the work week. Below are 12 white-hot events that will fire up your sense of adventure and send your spirits soaring.

Eerie Limited (Ghost Stories) and Dinner - Colebrookdale Railroad

August 12

The Eerie Limited rolls off into the twilight on August 12 at 6:30

Many folktales of haunted mysteries surround the quiet borough of Boyertown. Hear some of the local stories while enjoying a four-course meal on the Colebrookdale Railroad. Trundling through the thick woods, it will be tough to tell if a slight chill comes from the cooling temperatures or an unseen presence reaching out for a 1:1 greeting of the supernatural kind.

Pete's Dragon - Grand Theater

August 12-14

Disney's latest live-action fantasy is a remake of a film it first released in 1977. Now, with CGI, the story of Pete and his fuzzy, flying friend comes to life in startling detail. The seating at the Grand Theater ensures great sightlines, and a rental of the theater's balcony ensures that a whole group of besties can sit together and watch.

Ring of Fire - People's Light

August 12-14

It's the final weekend before this People's Light production, an onstage look at the life of country music icon Johnny Cash, closes. There is likely to be a queue at the box office as a result, but for fans, it will be worth getting a ticket. So go ahead: Walk the line.

Comedy Club Valley Forge Casino Resort

August 12

If you've never heard of New York stand-up comedian Chris Roach, just wait. Once he explodes in the new Kevin James sitcom for CBS (Kevin Can Wait), everyone will be talking about him. The Valley Forge Casino Resort stage provides a great chance to roar over his act just before his career takes off like a skyrocket.

Ice Skating - Oaks Center Ice

August 12

Why not chill this Friday night? Strap on a pair of blades and glide over a smooth sheet of cool ice. Oaks Center Ice has open skating from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Given this latest heatwave, a little taste of wintertime might be just the thing you need.

Friday Night Concert - Chaddsford Winery

August 12

Chaddsford Winery is taking the best advantage of the glittery, nighttime skies by hosting an outdoor concert. Accompanying the service of some of its most popular vintages is a performance of live music and a cooling dish of ice cream, served up from 95.7 BEN FM. Things get fruitful for the remainder of the weekend, with the winery's peach festival.

Ambler Bike Race

August 13

The second annual Ambler Bike Race takes to the streets this Saturday.

More than 300+ cyclists, pro and semi-pro, take to the streets of Ambler, reaching speeds that exceed the limit even for car traffic. Spectators are in for a day full of music, great food (an Ambler specialty), merchandise, tourism information (from the VFTCB) and nail-biting action on the race course. We previewed this race earlier this week with Ambler Mayor Jeanne Sorg.

Housecleaning - Peter Wentz Farmstead

August 13

Yes, this presentation at Peter Wentz Farmstead is about demonstrating how household chores were done in colonial times. But the real point is for kids to get soapy and wet (and cool) by slopping around in the wash water.

Bird Walk - Green Lane Park

August 13

This presentation at Green Lane Park will center either on summer shorebirds or summer songbirds, with Mother Nature making the final decision (depending on what varieties of bird are flying). In either case, it's a great evening see these winged beauties silhouetted against the orange of sunset, especially as we move closer and closer to fall when they will be harder to spot.

Public Star Party- Valley Forge National Historical Park

August 13

In a stroke of excellent timing, the monthly star party of the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers takes place amid the shooting stars and heavenly fireworks of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Experts bring plenty of equipment and info, so even if, like our blogger, you don't know a supernova from a supermodel, you'll have a great time. The sky-gazers meet at 8 p.m. at the model airplane field at Valley Forge National Historical Park, on Route 252 North, just after the PA Turnpike overpass.

Bridgeport Paddle - Schuylkill River Boat House Park

August 14

Temperatures are supposed to sizzle this weekend, making the coolest part of the county anything involving water. Dip your oars with Bridgeport Paddle, which supplies gear and boats. The kayaking trip is guided by an expert from Take It Outdoors, an adventurer's group that has been inspiring backyard explorers since 2013.

Smokey and the Bandit - The Colonial Theatre

August 14

Trivia question: What was the number-one box office draw of 1977? Sci-fi fans will know that it was none other than Star Wars. But what was number two? Comedy fans should be able to come up with the answer: Smokey and the Bandit, which grossed more than $300 million worldwide. The Colonial Theatre, as it does so well, presents in on the big screen for new fans to discover and established fans to enjoy one more time.