The Stars of Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo is home to a wide range of animals, from cute and cuddly red pandas to slithering snakes; from big cats to small insects, there's a world of animals to discover. Here's a few of our favorites:


Elmwood Park Zoo Red Panda

Everyone loves the playful red pandas. The adorable creatures, which are actually closer related to raccoons than pandas, get their names because of their love for bamboo.


Elmwood Park Zoo Giraffe Feeding

We were so excited when the zoo announced that the giraffes would be staying at the zoo year-round starting in 2016. That means more chances to hand-feed these magnificent (and cute!) creatures.


Elmwood Park Zoo Zebras

Hannah and Mackenzie are two of the zoo's newest residents, and two of our absolute favorites! Hartmann's Mountain zebras are native to southwest Africa, but we think the pair fit in perfectly in Montco. 


Elmwood Park Zoo Bald Eagle

One of the most majestic birds, the bald eagle holds a special place at Elmwood Park Zoo. Noah, the Zoo's resident bald eagle, is also a local celebrity, appearing on the sidelines of every Philadelphia Eagles home game.


Elmwood Park Zoo Bison Feeding

The American bison is the largest North American land animal. The Zoo has four in residence: Tatonka, Dakota, Wendy and Francis, and guests have the opportunity to hand-feed them year-round.


Elmwood Park Zoo Birds

Macaws are some of the most colorful birds in the wild and a true attraction at the Zoo. While macaws remain throughout the year, more tropical birds—the canary-winged parakeet and sun conure—arrive seasonally for the Birds of Paraidse exhibit each summer.


Elmwood Park Zoo Jaguar

Jaguars once roamed free from Arizona to Argentina. Today, Jaguars are rare in the wild, but Elmwood Park Zoo is home to a pair of them: Zean and Inka.


Elmwood Park Zoo Prairie Dogs

Native to the Great Plains of the United States, black-tailed prairie dogs are some of the most entertaining animals at the zoo. The name is a bit of a misnomer as prairie dogs are actually relatives of the ground squirrel, not canines.


Elmwood Park Zoo Otter

A pair of North American river otter are the only aquatic mammals that call Elmwood Park Zoo home. Rocky and Arya can be found year-round in the wetlands exhibit area.


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