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Bryn Athyn The greater Valley Forge area is home to some of the finest private gardens in the country, but arts and culture in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania don't end at horticulture.

Here are just a few of the cultural treasures that await you on your visit:

• A National Historic Landmark, the Bryn Athyn Historic District encompasses vast family residences from the turn of the 19th century and the renowned Bryn Athyn Cathedral, for which stained-glass craftsmen journeyed to Europe to rediscover and then replicate the lost arts and techniques of medieval glassmakers. Equally impressive, the Glencairn Museum - former home of Raymond and Mildred (Glenn) Pitcairn - offers a rare glimpse of religion from throughout history and around the world.

• John James Audubon was one of America's premier artists, producing stunning life-sized studies of birds from copper plate engravings in the early 1800s. On display in his preserved home at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove is a copy of Audubon's enormous Birds of America book of hand-colored prints. Only 120 of the books are known to exist, and one copy set a recent world record, selling for $11.5 million.

American Treasure Tour• Take a tour through eras of U.S. pop culture, from Model Ts to Betty Boop in a tram-tour you have to see to believe. The American Treasure Tour is unlike any museum you've ever experienced, and the world's largest assemblage of nickelodeons - the giant music machines of the late 1800s known formally as orchestrions - is just the beginning.

• Far more focused but just as much fun, The Stoogeum is North America's only museum devoted to the Three Stooges, displaying some 100,000 collectibles, including props, posters, magazines, toys, personal items and rare photos.

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