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Though there was no battle at Valley Forge, George Washington and the Continental Army fought valiantly here, against hunger, disease and the harsh winter. Those six months are some of the most important in American history; that's why Valley Forge Park is a must-see attraction.

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Visitor Center Tour Stop

Start your tour through history at the park's Visitor Center. Open daily from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. (6 p.m. from mid-June through mid-August), the Visitor Center provides the perfect jumping off point for your tour. 

Valley Forge Visitor Center

Muhlenberg Brigade Huts

To stave off the cold during the harsh winter, Washington's men erected crude huts to serve as temporary barracks. The reconstructed Muhlenberg Brigade Huts help show what daily life was like in the Valley Forge camp.

Muhlenberg Brigade Huts

US National Memorial Arch

Standing tall above the rest of the park, the United States National Memorial Arch is a tribute to Washington's arrival in Valley Forge. Modeled after triumphal monuments of ancient Rome, the arch is a tribute to our nation's victorious general.  

National Memorial Arch General Wayne Statue

General "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a local hero, growing up in neighboring Chester County before becoming one of the greatest American generals of the revolution. The Anthony Wayne statue, with Wayne facing toward his home in Waynesborough, is one of the most photographed areas in the park, serving as a picturesque backdrop through all seasons.Anthony Wayne Statue

Washington's Headquarters

During his time in Valley Forge, George Washington set up his headquarters in a small two-story stone building. Washington's Headquarters is now one of the most-visited areas of the park, open daily from March through December and weekends in January and February.

Washington's Headquarters

Artillery Park

Rows of cannons line artillery park, the site where Henry Knox and his artillery unit trained during the winter encampment. The area is one of the most picturesque in the park, a great photo opportunity year-round.

Artillery Park

Varnum's Quarters 3

General James Varnum made his winter quarters in a small farmhouse on the northern end of the encampment. The renovated home is open seasonally for tours. Nearby, the statue of Baron von Steuben looks out across the Grand Parade grounds.

Varnum's QuarterWashington Memorial Chapel

Completed in 1917, Washington Memorial Chapel stands as a tribute to General George Washington and the entire Continental Army. The Chapel, though not affiliated with the park, features stunning architectural elements, beautiful sculptures and immaculate stained glass windows. It is also home to the Chapel Cabin Shop, a gift store and snack bar.

Washington Memorial Chapel

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