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75,000 Followers and Counting

Social media is playing an increasingly large role in our marketing efforts. Channels like Facebook and Twitter allow us to target posts by interest and demographic, meaning we can be more strategic with our posts to ensure they reach our intended audience.

Here's a sampling of our current social media channels and how we are using them to promote our members.

Facebook Fans

Facebook is our most popular social network with more than 64,000 followers. But our reach extends far beyond that thanks to an aggressive strategy of promoted posts and Facebook ads.

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Twitter Followers

The @VisitVF Twitter account has more than 7,000 followers and is one of our most active accounts.

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Instagram Followers

Our @VisitValleyForge Instagram account has seen a 100% increase in followers in the past 12 months. Today we are posting to more than 2,200 followers while also promoting the use of #MakeItMontco with seasonal contests.


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LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is where we post all of our industry and organizational updates. Be sure to follow us to see what's new with the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board.

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YouTube Video Views

Video is a key part of overall marketing strategy, and our YouTube channel helps us showcase that. Our videos have been viewed more than 115,000 times in the past 12 months. That's more than 154,000 minutes that were spent watching scenes of our members.

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Snapchat Followers

Our newest social media effort, Snapchat is growing in popularity, especially among teens and young adults. We continue to send weekly snaps about our member attractions, restaurants and events.


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In addition to our Visit Valley Forge and @VisitVF accounts, we are branching out to create market-specific networks. We have Facebook pages for Valley Foge Sports, Rev Run, Destination Montco Weddings, Destination Montco Golf and Patriot Trails; Instagram accounts for Patriot Trails, Valley Forge Sports and Destination Montgomery County Weddings; and Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for Valley Forge Sports

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